Monday, March 21, 2005

Some Indian B*tch She Is! (Part 2)

Talk about this Indian bitch again.

Her lovey durvy husband always would come and join her for lunch at the college. Then both of them will start boasting away on their recent great plans. Apparently she and the husband has decided that they will sell the Kancil and the newly bought Waja, so they will be able to buy a Hyundai Getz.


What is the logic to that? From two cars become one car? Not long after that she starts to ask around who drive pass the Federal Highway everyday, again no one really bothers to answer. Mark who stays at OUG, pass by the highway from Stamford at 222, just denied it straight when he was being asked.

This woman is really one thick skin person. She seemed to have forgotten the fact that everyone was pissed because of the class on friday. So just went asking and asking.

It was later found that, when they sell both cars in exchange of only one car, the husband might not be able to send her to school everyday. That is the reason why she is asking for a lift from her "friends".

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