Monday, March 21, 2005

Some Indian B*tch She Is! (Part 4)

Something very shameful happened to this bitch last week!

Class was over for her on Friday and she was still driving her kancil. Parking at the her favourite spot (because everyone else can see it), she invited two friends to ride with her. She wanted to give them a ride so that she can flaunt her car.

As she was about to drive out to the main road at Jalan 222 from the guard house, car rushed in front and stopped there. Two men stepped out from the car and approached her. She wasn't quite sure what was happening, fear started to show on her face.

One of the then said to her, that she must surrender her car now. They produced a letter from the bank and told her that they must take the car as she has not settle her car loan for few months.

She refused to surrendered her keys after that. Instead of feeling frigthened, she retaliated by quarelling and negotiating with the two men for a long period of time. This only draw more observers around. So much for posing a rich and well to do person. Chinese idiom once says "Puching oneself, to pretend a well to do fat ass"

Guess what else she did? She thought this is one of Yan's doin, that is calling the thugs to disturb her in public. To know more about Yan, refer to part 3 of the story. This woman, started to call Yan on the telephone, shouted at her, even threaten her. Yan was like half blurr wondering what is that all about.

Apparently, the husband and wife's plan was that, since they know they are going to sell the car soon, they've decided not to dump more installments into the loan so at the end they will loose less money. What they did not know is that, the bank is very observative on non performing loans. They have send the duo notices to remind them about the loan but they just ignore them. The bank then send the car repocessing people to tail the wife for quite sometime, before they decide that it was the best time to strike onto her.

But at the end, she nonetheless has to give away her car. How did she went back home? Asking a ride from another friend to the nearest bus station.

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