Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dying Is - Blog Recommendation

I had a lot of stuffs that I wanted to blog. Was wanting to talk about some of the potential guys that I have been with a weird stuffs they did during our time together, was also wanting to talk about this ex-colleague with her exceptional views about relationship. But for now I guess I just want to share with you this strange yet saddening blog.

It is about this woman that learn she was slowly dying from a rare cancer, and things that were slowly eating her life away, the strange feelings she has. A very short blog actually, and she passed away not long after that. As I read it, it gives a feeling that life is so vulnerable, not able to withstand the slightest impact on to it at all. While we are fightings among ourselves, feeling hatred, angry with our beloved ones, she actually had enjoy her lifetime, even though it was a short one. Her life is like a flower, blooming so beautifully but it was just for short time.

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