Monday, March 21, 2005

Some Indian B*tch She Is! (Part 1)

Okay, this story is nothing to do with me anyway. Just thought of sharing it, since it is strange that this world, there do exist these sort of people.

Not sure what her name is, but this ex-teacher, whom is a very "devoted" indian is Mark's this semester's classmate, err... coursemate. Mark already sensed that there is something wrong with this woman at the first time meeting her. I mean, who would ask questions like "Who does the housework in your house" when meeting the first time???

She always express her strong loyalty to her Indian husband, and thinks greatly of her contribution to this union (such as cooking lah, washing clothes lah). No one really bothers, I can tell you that.

Anyway, apparently this semester everyone gets a friday off. Without notice, all of them were told they have to come back for one class at 8.30am on Friday morning. Everyone was puzzled on what really happen. So, Mark and others approached the lecturer of that subject then found that the Indian bitch has "represented" all of them to ask for a time change for that subject. After all, even the lecturer herself prefered to teach that class on other days instead of Friday.

Someone then asked her why did she do that? She blurred by saying that she is very busy on Thursday afternoon, as she got some tution class to teach! How do you beat that eh. Besides, she said most of the students she talked to before that, agrees that Friday is a better day.

I ca tell you that really got on to Mark. He challenged her that they go see each students and see if that is the case. One by one, they spoke to, think that they rather have the class another day than Friday. Finally Mark teased her by asking "Do you want to ask more people?", and she kept Quiet.

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