Monday, March 21, 2005

Some Indian B*tch She Is! (Part 3)

Some months ago, there is this girl call Yan whom is Mark classmate, sold some used textbooks to the Indian Woman for RM200. Recently over the lunch table, Yan told Mark that the indian bitch has not pay her after so many months. Mark thinks that the bitch must be pulling a fast one on Yan. Who knows, she even photostated the books and just waiting Yan to take it back.

So Mark told Yan that she must confront her and ask for her money back. I mean, the bitch is planning to buy new car, why wouldn't she have this minuet RM200 to pay for the books.

Later, Yan did went to confront her. Guess what, she said why Yan is being so bitchy about the situation, she will pay her in two days time so stop bitching about it. After that at noon time, the husband actually come to help out the wife! He shouted at Yan why she bullied his wife. Glory another guy of the same class, was fortunate enough to be there for Yan and told the husband off. Yan then told the husband and the indian bitch don't they dare to come bully her since she does know quite some close friends whom are thugs.

Now is already two weeks after the inccident. And you can guess that the woman still hasn't pay it up yet.

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