Friday, February 25, 2005

The Four-Faced Buddha in Bangkok - Prayers Answered?

Every year if I have chance to go to Thailand, I will surely stop by at the famous four-faced Buddha (also known as the Erawan Shrine) located next to the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel in Bangkok to pray. I kinda believe its power in getting their devotee's prayers answered. This god, really isn't a buddha, but like a minority believes in India then came to Thailand long long ago. Perhaps through the Indian trader. *shrug*

There are people that are materialistic, as usual, would ask for a chance to earn some extra money. Some would pray their business start smoothly with a bang. There also childless couple come to ask for a child. Of course, student would come to pray for success in exam, children would pray for their parents good health.

What would I ask for then, you might wonder.

This was my third time going there to pray. First year, Sept 2001, I haven't been lucky both in love life and work. I have asked that he would give me a man that adores me a lot, and vice versa. I had prayed for a good job being offered to me too.

On June 2002, I was very lucky to be offered with this job that I am still with now. My current boss has been every so encouraging to work with, so are my colleagues who has supported me all these years (not that I am working here that long). It was the best job that anyone can think about.

Not long after that, I have met Mark, whom till now still take my breath away whenever I see him, again and again. I couldn't ask for more with this man, who has been a good friend to me as well as a great partner. *kiss*

I ask for something when I went back to pray again in 2003. Before that, I had to say thank you to him by doing a certain prayer again. I did that, but my wish didn't came through at all. Only later did I realise I have the thank you prayer wrongly done. Sigh, so this year I went back, bought 4 wooden elephants, just to do it properly this time.

You might think that people like me are such superstitious, but in reality there are lot that use to procastinate religions that go there to pray. When in life you face obstacles and you have no where to turn to, you start thinking about the mystery of life and all about it, then it will somehow leads you to the thought about religions, things that it might be able to do wonder to your life. It is not a promise from gods coz if they are real I am sure their are no slaves to anyone. But it does somehow provides some sort of emotional cursion to land on, giving you a peaceful mind to deal with the problem later.

For example, do you think that I will surely get a job if I just sit there moaning after the praying? Of course not, it involves hardwork too (much to the similarity where people talk about genius - you know 1% talent and 99% hardwork). Got to keep on scouting for more interviews, send in resumes again and again. I mean, even getting the right guy in your life is not just by chance too, hard work is important as well (you know, going out more often, ICQ or MSN messaging every night, meeting more people). After all, isn't it what they say, relationship is a two person thing?

Anyway, I have asked for more things again this year. But I will not tell you yet :-) Perhaps I might the time is right?

Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Summer Fling at Redang Island

And you thought a fling with beach boys only happen to the western country!

Tsk tsk tsk... it was in June 2003 my friend: Elina, Chui Li and I decided we had enough of boring office works, and we want break from this mundane unloved life. So we went to Redang, at the time of the year when everyone claim is the best time to go Redang.

These beach boys, hmm! So many of them working around the island. They do the cooking, serving, cleaning, bringing visitors snorkeling, and part time looking forward flirting with girls. There come these three guliber girls from big city that know nothing about life on island infected mainly with single deperate men.

Very quickly there is this young malay chap named Shah started extending extra attention to Elina. When we were out in the sea snorkeling, he showed extra extra attention to her by bringing her around to see fishes, corals and explaining them to her, of course, with his hand on her waist at all time!

Elina is not attracted at all to him, but she doesn't mind the attention showered on her :P So it just went on throughout our three days there. You know, it is very romantic when things are relax, accompanied by sunny afternoon card playing, stars gazing at nite (even the largest comet we ever saw starts showing up for whole long 5 mins!). And I think he actually got even more attracted to her than ever.

Unfortunately, on our last nite out, our digital cameras were stolen from our bag without our knowing. Though we searched high and dry we have no clue where they have disappeared to. Shah felt that the girl he adores has been bulied in a way, thus he sweared to her that he WILL find out who the culprit is. Boy, was he angry that time. We then left Redang rather heavy hearted, as it was quite a heavy price to pay for our mistake in going slack on our attention.

Although sad, kih kih, Elina did not forgot to give him an encourage hug before going on the boat. I would like to think that Shah would almost want to cry learning that might be the last time for them to have a good time again.

Anyway, as we reach home that night, it was great news when he personally called to tell us that he and his friend has found the cameras. It was hidden in the closet in the vast kitchen area, alonside with the pile of maggie mee the staffs eat. They even caught the culprit too -- A new kitchen helper that is very young. I would never thought that he is the one that did it, as he just seemed so mild mannered. Guess human heart are the hardest to look through, and the most dangerous to temper with as well.

Shah was very mad, he told us that he beaten him up for her, so much so that the guy's leg was broken and sent to hospital with bruises on his body. I am like "Oh dear..." but nonetheless felt fortunate that we managed to get our camera back. But Elina seemed a little more disturb with the fact that how far this guy she just got to know would go for her.

After that, he still calls her on and off, and smsed her as well. But they never met each other anymore. He stopped working in Redang and moved to Kerteh to work with Petronas. And recently, he called her again to tell her that he has moved up to KL to work with the fire department. You can imagine the surprised look on Elina's face. She was like "No no no no... I don't want to meet him". But what to do, now she must've been like the most unforgettable women in his life, at least for now.

Ah... Redang Island, will always remain the special memory for all three of us. The time when all the beach boys started singing the Richie Ren's song "Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo" to us, the time when we swim together with the sea turtles. No other island can replace this special one. We tried to do the same thing again in Lang Tengah Island after that, no way, it will never be the same thing again. Heh...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Chap Goh Mei - Not another Yu Sang Again!

Man... tonites dinner at Hee Loy Tang in Seri Kembangan was the best in the whole 2005 CNY celebrations. Let us recall the lovely dishes my small aunt treated us:

- Salmon Yee Sang loaded with fresh shredded pear
- Steamed glutinous rice with variety of waxed meat (duck, sausages)
- Big fat prawns topped with thousand island sauce (apparently at RM20 each!)
- Large abalones, stewed with sea cucumber, mushrooms garnished with brocollis
- Steamed Cod (extremely juicy and fresh)
- Fried Cod

Yummy... it is nice to be given a treat once in a while.

A sanctuary or A lifetime of jailing?

I don't know about you, everytime I read about wildlife sanctuary set up by so called experts to protect endangered animal, my gut just feel very uneasy about the whole thing. You know Malaysian way of doing things, "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" (literally translated as with passion of 3 minutes only). Everytime they promised you a world saying that the animals are very well taken care of, and the park or the center is very well kept.

While on 22nd Feb 2005, Stars has published about how a guy setting up a wild life park that with lots of promise\2005\2\22&file=/2005/2/22/features/10161024&sec=features, on the day after that, Stars has talked about the closing of another park. Things seemed to predictable, and I bet the animals would voice their complaints of being drag along these dramatic decisions.

Also, I would like to point out that, what makes these so called experts has the right to lock the animals up to guard their safety? Have they found out what was the source of these creatures? I am sure at least some of them were got from black market traders. Isn't that what the television says:"Where there is no trade, there is no killings?" So, I think it is very wrong that the experts pretend they are god to take responsibilities to on these endangered animals when they themselves have doubtful mean of getting the animals at the first place.

Can someone voice out saying "No more hot-air projects!" please???

Paya Indah Wetland Closed - Where to cycle after this?

I am so not surprise that this place will close, even the first time I went there about two years ago. What surprised me is that it actually lasted longer than I thought. Now now now, we else are we to blame here other than either the government lah, the society lah or our parents lah, or the stupid god who happens to create these damn place at the first place?

Anyway, it wasn't that great of a scenery after all. It just serves as the purpose to relax on a weekend, when Mark and I decided to go for a ride on their tandem bike. Someone that went fishing there told me, that there is actually back way to get into the park without paying. Hmmm... wonder what's the route like eh.

from The Star

PUTRAJAYA: More than three years ago, the multi-million ringgit Paya Indah Wetlands Sanctuary funded by the Government was opened with much fanfare.
Hosting some 210 species of residential and migratory birds as well as some 26 species of mammals including the four Nile hippopotamuses given as gifts from the Botswana government, it was hailed as the country�s premier ecotourism park.
However, the 3,100ha park with about 50 employees has been closed to the public due to financial problems.

A fading signboard at the sanctuary, which is managed by the Malaysian Wetlands Foundation on behalf of the Government, carries the announcement that it is closed effective Feb 1.

Its chief operating officer Nor Hisham Ismail said the wetlands had been closed to the public for an indefinite period while it undergoes �management restructuring�.
He said there was no reason for the public to worry about the park or the fate of its animals.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Grey Area, have you got some?

It is interesting to see how children reflex their thoughts in their own world. So naive, so sincere and unaffected by this world. :-)

Was I like that at one time? Yeah you bet, and I can guarantee you I am still somewhat like that now. This "grey area" term has never seemed to get on too much to me throughout the years. Although at the age of 27 now, I actually still feel that my mind was just a fresh as the age of 21. I know its existance and I know what it is all about, but my idealistic mind thinks that, "oh man... I am sure I can make this world better by upholding my believes in the area of right and wrong" I mean, why should we always bow to the fact when you know a little changes might goes a long way eventually?

But of course, it is an uphill task and eventually becomes your own enermy if you do that too much. So, it is not too hard for me to find myself getting more and more cynical while observing lives going around this society. I can't help but sniggered everytime I read another story of two adults doin hanky panky behind their partner's back. I mean, hello, what has this world gone to? No words can really comprehend my view at how the society is now except, accepting it as part of the grey area. But of course, not complimenting it by being part of it I hope.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

BBQ ala Aussie Style in Putrajaya Wetland Park

What can I say... this is the best thing to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon... Mark and I thought we should try BBQ at this place, and was more than surprise how well kept this facility is (Probably because it was unknown to many still). We bought the pre-marinated meat from Carrefour (try the Lamb shoulder, very good) and left to Putrajaya to find out what it is all about.

We were told to buy a boat ticket as there is no through road there. It cost RM5 for a lousy 5 minute boat ride, though thru and flow. And then we had to buy token to operate the BBQ machine. It is RM2 per token, and must buy minimum 5 (RM10 gone). Each token put in, will have the BBQ operate for 14min. But is okay, we just want to see the place.

You can see from the picture that, it is actually very well kept, and the so call pit is actually a very well cleaned stainless steel grill pan. The place even have a clean sink for washing and a water cooler too. Nearby there is a toilet that has handsoap for washing even! It might be hot around, but the whole time was windy too.

Nice place, and we think we shall be going there again next weekend with our friends.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Amazing Race Season 6 Finale

Oh No!!! My favourite couple, Hayden and Aaron did not win the race despite they have been so good throughout the race. Blame it to the stupid cab driver that make this couple so lost! And worse, is that the couple I dislike most Freddy and Kendra won it! That bitchy Kendra got that smirk on her face, so much so I just made so much noise while watching it, with my brother gave me that strange look. Heh...

Ah, now, just can't wait for Season 7 to come on 3 weeks later...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year

Usually my parents will organize big time celebration, including asking more than 50 people to come for a catered dinner. If that was not enough, they would even organize at least 2 tables gambling within the house. Then, my sweet tiny ( a pomeranian I have) will be busy hanging around the visitor with a pelading look, so they would feed him the food in their hands!

But, not this year, it has a been a very quiet one for this year Chinese New Year. My mom grumbles that there are too much work and pressure preparing for big time party. So we just sat around at home, doing not much. Well, you can pretty much say that my "ang pow" this year shall not be as cheerful looking anymore. Anyway, that is okay, because at anytime, that shall not be able to compensate the RM500 I gave my mom for Chinese New Year angpow.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Primary School Reunion

Everyone has heard about High School Reunion, and most of us at least as been to one or two so far. But, who would've heard about going for your primary school reunion, specificaly consist of only your own ex classmate! Yes, I have just came back from one. It was held at the PJ SS2 Greenview Restaurant (somewhere near the Rothmans Roun-a-bout).

Man, there are so many of them I have not seen for year, some I have not even met after standard 6 graduation. Most of the guys grown pretty well, tall and handsome. WHile the girl, some actually still look fairly the same, but there are a few that look so sexy and feminine now. And guess what? Even some of teachers were present. One of them is this cikgu Lee, she is the fiercest teacher of the 6 years I study there. She actually asked if I know who she is, and I said: Yeah, you are the fierce Cikgu Lee! She laughed a little replying: Well, that is why you remember me the most!

Duh! What logic is to that?

Anyway, there is very little productive outcome from these sort of gathering, usually. You know, your so call long lost girl friend hugging you when they see you, just like one of those movie you see, then each of them exclaimed: Oh, it has been sucha long time, you look better than ever. Sigh... I really not sure what to think about it. I guess, like what they say: Curiosity kills the cat. Perhaps that was the major reason why I was there.