Friday, February 25, 2005

The Four-Faced Buddha in Bangkok - Prayers Answered?

Every year if I have chance to go to Thailand, I will surely stop by at the famous four-faced Buddha (also known as the Erawan Shrine) located next to the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel in Bangkok to pray. I kinda believe its power in getting their devotee's prayers answered. This god, really isn't a buddha, but like a minority believes in India then came to Thailand long long ago. Perhaps through the Indian trader. *shrug*

There are people that are materialistic, as usual, would ask for a chance to earn some extra money. Some would pray their business start smoothly with a bang. There also childless couple come to ask for a child. Of course, student would come to pray for success in exam, children would pray for their parents good health.

What would I ask for then, you might wonder.

This was my third time going there to pray. First year, Sept 2001, I haven't been lucky both in love life and work. I have asked that he would give me a man that adores me a lot, and vice versa. I had prayed for a good job being offered to me too.

On June 2002, I was very lucky to be offered with this job that I am still with now. My current boss has been every so encouraging to work with, so are my colleagues who has supported me all these years (not that I am working here that long). It was the best job that anyone can think about.

Not long after that, I have met Mark, whom till now still take my breath away whenever I see him, again and again. I couldn't ask for more with this man, who has been a good friend to me as well as a great partner. *kiss*

I ask for something when I went back to pray again in 2003. Before that, I had to say thank you to him by doing a certain prayer again. I did that, but my wish didn't came through at all. Only later did I realise I have the thank you prayer wrongly done. Sigh, so this year I went back, bought 4 wooden elephants, just to do it properly this time.

You might think that people like me are such superstitious, but in reality there are lot that use to procastinate religions that go there to pray. When in life you face obstacles and you have no where to turn to, you start thinking about the mystery of life and all about it, then it will somehow leads you to the thought about religions, things that it might be able to do wonder to your life. It is not a promise from gods coz if they are real I am sure their are no slaves to anyone. But it does somehow provides some sort of emotional cursion to land on, giving you a peaceful mind to deal with the problem later.

For example, do you think that I will surely get a job if I just sit there moaning after the praying? Of course not, it involves hardwork too (much to the similarity where people talk about genius - you know 1% talent and 99% hardwork). Got to keep on scouting for more interviews, send in resumes again and again. I mean, even getting the right guy in your life is not just by chance too, hard work is important as well (you know, going out more often, ICQ or MSN messaging every night, meeting more people). After all, isn't it what they say, relationship is a two person thing?

Anyway, I have asked for more things again this year. But I will not tell you yet :-) Perhaps I might the time is right?

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Hi, so do u repay yearly?