Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Summer Fling at Redang Island

And you thought a fling with beach boys only happen to the western country!

Tsk tsk tsk... it was in June 2003 my friend: Elina, Chui Li and I decided we had enough of boring office works, and we want break from this mundane unloved life. So we went to Redang, at the time of the year when everyone claim is the best time to go Redang.

These beach boys, hmm! So many of them working around the island. They do the cooking, serving, cleaning, bringing visitors snorkeling, and part time looking forward flirting with girls. There come these three guliber girls from big city that know nothing about life on island infected mainly with single deperate men.

Very quickly there is this young malay chap named Shah started extending extra attention to Elina. When we were out in the sea snorkeling, he showed extra extra attention to her by bringing her around to see fishes, corals and explaining them to her, of course, with his hand on her waist at all time!

Elina is not attracted at all to him, but she doesn't mind the attention showered on her :P So it just went on throughout our three days there. You know, it is very romantic when things are relax, accompanied by sunny afternoon card playing, stars gazing at nite (even the largest comet we ever saw starts showing up for whole long 5 mins!). And I think he actually got even more attracted to her than ever.

Unfortunately, on our last nite out, our digital cameras were stolen from our bag without our knowing. Though we searched high and dry we have no clue where they have disappeared to. Shah felt that the girl he adores has been bulied in a way, thus he sweared to her that he WILL find out who the culprit is. Boy, was he angry that time. We then left Redang rather heavy hearted, as it was quite a heavy price to pay for our mistake in going slack on our attention.

Although sad, kih kih, Elina did not forgot to give him an encourage hug before going on the boat. I would like to think that Shah would almost want to cry learning that might be the last time for them to have a good time again.

Anyway, as we reach home that night, it was great news when he personally called to tell us that he and his friend has found the cameras. It was hidden in the closet in the vast kitchen area, alonside with the pile of maggie mee the staffs eat. They even caught the culprit too -- A new kitchen helper that is very young. I would never thought that he is the one that did it, as he just seemed so mild mannered. Guess human heart are the hardest to look through, and the most dangerous to temper with as well.

Shah was very mad, he told us that he beaten him up for her, so much so that the guy's leg was broken and sent to hospital with bruises on his body. I am like "Oh dear..." but nonetheless felt fortunate that we managed to get our camera back. But Elina seemed a little more disturb with the fact that how far this guy she just got to know would go for her.

After that, he still calls her on and off, and smsed her as well. But they never met each other anymore. He stopped working in Redang and moved to Kerteh to work with Petronas. And recently, he called her again to tell her that he has moved up to KL to work with the fire department. You can imagine the surprised look on Elina's face. She was like "No no no no... I don't want to meet him". But what to do, now she must've been like the most unforgettable women in his life, at least for now.

Ah... Redang Island, will always remain the special memory for all three of us. The time when all the beach boys started singing the Richie Ren's song "Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo" to us, the time when we swim together with the sea turtles. No other island can replace this special one. We tried to do the same thing again in Lang Tengah Island after that, no way, it will never be the same thing again. Heh...

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