Thursday, July 07, 2005

A real Toyota AE86!

Wanna guess what is this post all about? Well, I only can say: EITHER YOU KNOW IT OR YOU DON'T!!!

Anyway, this is the replica of the Toyata AE86 from that show INITIAL D. Man, I just so got addicted watching this car drift throughout the movie. So, I got all excited wanting to a picture of it when Mark told me Drinho was doing promotion with this car across town.

The car only look similar to the one in the movie on this side of the picture. The left hand side is with the INITIAL D movie poster. There is no turbo in this car too! Besides, this car is way too dirty, doesn't reflect the cleanliness Jay Chou posed as in the movie.

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Anonymous said...

hiiii. can you tell me where you got those cars?? i really want to buy one for my bf. please email me at
thank you!!