Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Carnaval Churrascaria

It was Hary Raya eve, and I wasn't quite sure what myself would like to have for dinner. And so, I just decided to drive around Damansara Jaya, where Atria Shopping Center is.

Then, I arrived at this small humble little restaurant at the corner of the street -- Carnaval Churrascaria, next to Maybank.

I have problem pronouncing that word Churrascaria, and the restaurant doesn't seemed to promising when I first arrive at its door step. There were many people there, and the setting seemed not to posh. I took a look at the appetizer station, and I realise "Oh, its a buffet"

That is what Churrascaria, or known as Brazillian Barbeque is all about. You pay a RM48++ for dinner, and you eat all the appetizer, entreez that you want, and the waiters will bring all the skewed BBQ meat to your table and carve directly onto your plate.

It is not your typical hotel boring buffet, this one definately offer some nice oomps! I liked the BBQ Lamb, as well as the turkey ham. The lamb was done so juicy, and taste heavenly with the chopped mint leaves.

There weren't as many variety of meat as they promised, but the food quality is great. Great but for one, the topside beef did not use the best cut. So it taste a little liverish. Nonetheless, it is a great experience to dine there.

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