Thursday, October 27, 2005

I caused a petrol kiosk to shut down

But I did not did that on purpose, and it just lasted for near 1 hour okay.

Its weird, let the pump on, went into the shop's ATM to get some cash, came out, in great shock to find the petrol overflowed!!!

So so so much of petrol flowing out from the tank while the pump is still inside. Reminds me of the pipe burst when Water Department not doing their job good enough.

Anyway, I ran to the cashier shouting to her what happened. She panicked.

Guess what she did??? She hit the emergency button, there goes the electricity.

So, I waited there, the staffs just waited here, and there are few person reluctant to leave despite knowing they can't get any petrol temporarily. They just stand there, reading newspaper there without paying. Hahaha...

Fortunately, a electrician that wanted to pump petrol came to the rescue. He helped them to turn on the electricity. Then the boss of the kiosk came too. He made the staffs return the total amount I paid for my petrol. In a way, it means that I get this time petrol for free!!!

Well, in a way. Because after all I've spent my 1 hour there doing nothing.

How sweet of her, when I left she actually told me "Please feel free to come again"

*roll eyes*

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