Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Where does my love goes wrong??

Where does my love goes wrong???
Let Dana guide you out from this relationship deadlock.

Are you recently out from a relationship? Are you wondering why all the guys you meet suck a big time?? Did your relationship give you pain endlessly without knowing why?

Many time in our life, when our relationship goes wrong, we will first ask "Where does my love goes wrong???" "Why doesn't thing work out like I have planned, despite how much efforts I put into this relationship?" "How come he has become such a jerk, even though things has been great at the beginning?"

I, recently, has an enlightenment on this. Some of you might know how upset I once was, due to a disasterous previous relationship. For now, I feel that I have achieve somewhat peaceful inner self. Because of how great this feel, I will tell you how you can get yourself out from this no end moaning base on my experience.

1. Do you want this relationship?

Girls like me, always wanting to give out so much to our man. When our relationship went sour, the first thing we ask is that "Why doesn't he want anymore of our perfect relationship? I mean, this was like so right, and we were meant for each other!"

No no no, you should stop yourself from asking that from now on. Because, it is time for you to re-think the situation for yourself. Do you still want a part of this relationship? After what had happened, do you still think this relationship is suitable for you?

2. Why is he doing this to me, when he says he love me so much?

So what even if he promise you the moon??? I mean, no one doubt his sincerity when he say he will love you for the rest of his life, AT that particular moment of course. But things change you know, people changes too. Perhaps after what you have read here, your thoughts will change too. Cut the long story short, no one really know what happens tomorrow, we just flow with the tides and make the most out of it. People come, people go, and you just got to deal with it. That is just how life is!

3. How come he is such a jack ass???

Beware that when you are saying this to your friends. It can reflect you badly okay. When you are calling your man, or the ex with names, ever imagine why would people think about you. Of course they would be wondering, if he is such a stupid jerk, why would she be so stupid to spend her time and patience with someone so worthless at the first place??

4. I regret knowing him

But no one forced you to fall in love with him at the first place! Regret is a little late per se.

Next time, try something like "I have love before, and I treasure every special moments of it". After all, they say it is a priviledge that you have the chance to love and care for someone you adore so much. It is much stronger than those that never understand love, or have a chance to it.

5. I love him so much, but why why why is he doing this to me?

Love, and genuine love, expects no return of favor or any sort of things. Love can only be given, and cannot be demanded.

Chant that as a mantra to yourself.

6 Be Happy

Be happy, in my opinion, and to many others, it is basic right to everyone. Every people deserve to be happy in one way or another. If that person has been giving you so much pain, why would you still want to spend so much time thinking of his/her wrong doings to you? What, is that person a VIP that has right to your previous time? That is right, if he is such worthless, then lets spend less time on this worthless person that wasted your time before this. I myself don't understand, why if it is painful, people just keep on moaning over it and not do a thing???

7. Be Happy for That person too.

I mean, if you seriously love that person so much, it hurts you too knowing that bad things happen to him right? They say lah, revenge is sweet. However in reality it never work that way, it does feel hurtful if bad things happen to him.

The relationship ended, and I am sure he is not feeling at his best as well. If you keep on doing him bad things, even yourself won't be feeling happy too as you keep marinating yourself in this terrible past.

When it is time to let go, you have no choice. While doing that, at least you know that person you sincerely love is happier now, and will be great in whatever he wants to do. Isn't that for the best?


If you feel disappointed that your partner, ex has not been reciprocal with your giving out. The most likely you are in this relationship with a very wrong reason.

We get attracted to our partner by the way he look, he speaks, he sees things. Maybe in more deptness, our breath are taken away by his knowledge, his dreams, his passion. At any point of time, we are just attracted to his speciality. This is not genuine love at all. More like admiration?

If you find yourself alone again, and you feel very lonely. That is because you have not love yourself enough. Can you imagine, two beggars that has nothing to offer, but wanting more from each other? That would be a total disaster isn't it?

Love, a way of giving

A person that has enough of love him/her self exudes confident, happiness, and has a lot to offer for people. He/she find it perfectly alright to enjoy life alone. When a person has enough love for him/her self, then he/she will have more to give out for others. That then, will be the perfect time to be in a responsible, respectful and strong relationship.

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