Sunday, October 02, 2005

Blood Donation

Usually I will be forced to donate about 0.5ul (read as microlitre, which in calculation is 1/1000 of a mL) of my blood to these blood suckers in the Taman Kiara Rimba in TTDI. Yeah, it is a nice place here for a morning walk, mostly uphill and and downhill. The creeks actually still have very clear water running in them!!!

Anyway, today I think I donated a little bit, about 2mL. Was walking walking walking, then out of nothing the left leg like no energy and there I fell, into an akward kneeling position. And there goes my knee, all badly scratch up. Later on blood seemed seeping out, and all the aunties walking pass say "Aiyoo!" and pitied my plight. My dad suggested me to use the leave to scrap away the blood coming down from the wound. Eeek!

Hai... very painful neh...

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