Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ritz Carlton Gourmet

I was meant to buy the pastries at JW Marriot Gourmet. Since the heavy transform of the lower ground floor there, they have move the place to Ritz Carlton. At first I thought it was a very far away place, but to my surprise there was a nice corridor that connects both of this hotel.

it is my first time to the Ritz Carlton. But I think I've fall in love with its very fine british colonial architecture. What really attracts me, is how nicely things very maanged there. Crisp clean feeling carpets, clean windows, bright white walls there were not worn. Great chandelier lightings everywhere.

A rather homey sort of surrounding in general.

It gaves me the same feeling when I was at the Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok.

If I ever get married, I would like to put up a night at this nice place as my honeymoon suite. The whole hotel gives a feelings that it is very well managed, and it is not to grand. Grandness sometimes also can give customers a rather cold feeling. Like the Palace of the Golden Horses.

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