Monday, September 19, 2005

Simple Life, and all about it

A simple life can be so boring. A life like this can make one suffocate, wanting to exhale. But for some, to be able to lead a simple life seemed ever so impossible. They to, wanting to exhale to lead a simple life.

How contradicting!

But a simple life will at least make me feel life is more manageble in a way. I don't say that I have been through a lot, but I guess I know what life is about here and there. So, I come to a conclusion that excitement is not really something I can manage very well.

My life now is so predictable, but I guess predictable is good. Predictable life means that you would know if sorrow would come hurting you, perhaps you could too avoid it since it is predictable after all.

I am a coward, when it come to risking it. But I've risk it before, so you can't say I didn't try. Anyone that has been bitten by snake would always be fearful over it, what of me who has been hurt twice over the same mistakes.

There was a saying, it is okay if you make a mistake and you learn from it; But if you make the same mistakes twice, that only mean that you very stupid. Am I stupid???

Which is why I say, I am just not capable of leading anything too exciting after all. You just got to accept the fact that you can't keep on being who you are not, admit that you can't have them all.

Simple life is not bad after all, or am I trying to reaffirm myself too??

曲:陈晓娟 | 词:李焯雄

你还记得吗 记忆的炎夏 散落在风中的已蒸发
喧哗的都已沙哑 没结果的花 未完成的牵挂
我们学会许多说法 来掩饰不碰的伤疤
因为我会想起你 我害怕面对自己
我的意志 总被寂寞吞食 因为你总会提醒
过去总不会过去 有种真爱不是我的
假如我不曾爱你 我不会失去自己
想念的刺 钉住我的位置 因为你总会提醒
尽管我得到世界 有些幸福不是我的
你还记得吗 记忆的炎夏 我终于没选择的分岔

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