Monday, September 26, 2005


原来你什么都不要 - 张惠妹
So you doesn't want nothing from me - Amei

I know it is not right of me
And I know you can only love so little
我只有不停的要 要到你想逃
I could only ask for more till you want run

泪湿的枕头 干就好
The pillow wet with tears could be dried
But this tear is nothing but nonsense to you
以为在你身后 是我一辈子的骄傲
I thought I feel so proud while standing behind you
But now I realise you want nothing from us

我不要你的呵护 你的玫瑰
I don't want your care, nor your rose
but could only wish you love me through for once
就算虚荣也好 贪心也好
though it might be me being greedy
哪个女人对爱不自私 不奢望
but which woman is not selfish when come to love?

我不要你的承诺 不要你的永远
I don't want your promise, nor your eternity
if only you can love me sincerely for once
就算虚荣也好 贪心也好
though it might be me being greedy
最怕你把沈默 当做对我的回答
what I fear most, is that you chose to react in silence

原来你 什么都不想要
So, you didn't want nothing at all

Listening to this song, I wept like a baby tonight. I meant to wrote a lot of hurtful stuffs, but I guess it doesnt matter anymore. It only bring more grieve to myself when I try to say more hurtful words that I didn't mean.

Why is this love so bitter? It is so hard to swollow, and this song tells the more

真实 - Reality

你说的话 在我心中生了根 爱得很深 所以心很疼
Your words, had grow within my heart. Love is so deep, ache with my heart

记忆 在我的心中翻滚 是不是每一个人 都像我一样笨
Memory, rushing in my mind. Was everyone as stupid as me?

只怕再问 对彼此都太残忍 我能感觉 另外一个人
The more I ask, the more cruel to both of us. I can feel, there is someone else.

我等 等笑容换成泪痕 爱在崩溃的时候 比较真
I waited, till smile became tear. Love is more real when things came crashing down

太多疑问 知道答案又如何
Too many questions, but it doesn't matter what is the answer

原来容忍不需要天份 只要爱错一个人
Patience need not to be gifted, but instead loving the wrong person

心痛比快乐更真实 爱为何这样的讽刺
The heartache feel more real than happiness, why is love so cruel?

我忘了这是第几次 一见你就无法坚持
How many time have I lost myself when I see you?

孤独比拥抱更真实 爱让人失去了理智
Loneliness feel more real than our embrace, love has lost our sanity

会不会是我太自私 拒绝更寂寞的日子
Has it been me being too selfish, denying days that are more lonely?

放不开 也看不见未来
Can't let go, and cannot see the future

难道这种不完美 才是爱情真实的样子
Does life has to be so imperfect, to show what love really is?

Grieve, is what I need tonight.

This question of why has been circulating long enough, and I still cannot figure out why. I guess I really had enough all of this.

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