Saturday, September 03, 2005

Eating in Beijing

It is a miracle that Mark survived the food in China. It is even more surprising to learn he survive it without any stomach problem at all! (That was until when he first came back to KL, then diaorrhea non stop, how strange!!)

China (261)
Typical Menu of Restaurant in Beijing

Without our daily mamak fix, we begun our 9 days of beijing journey, surviving on whatever that we feel edible.

China (231)

First day, is of course attacking the Wangfujing Food Street eating all the weird things there.

China (234) China (232)
China (233) Pics (69)

Most common one would be the Xinjiang BBQ Lamb (tongue very numb after eating it). Other would then try some exquisite yet expensive stuff for example:

Scorpions, sea horses, centipedes, worms... star fish. (~25yuan to 50yuan per stick)

But as day goes by, Mark and I start looking for other more common local food to fill our stomach too.

Most of the days, we had dumplings. And dumplings can be divided into dry one, soup wantan, fried gyoza style or shanghai steamed style. It really didn't take me long to understand how to order them!

Other day, I will sneak out for breakfast, eating stuffs that Mark won't eat. Had the Dandan Noodle (no good, very salty with very little meat and vege). I also tried the LanZhou La Mian (Beef Pull Noodle), which was excellent actually.


One other day, I tried a typical beijing breakfast, that is You Tiao with Soya bean milk at this chain restaurant call Yong He Ta Wang. I discover some people here actually drink the soya milk salty, and eat the you tian at the same time. I find the taste too weird, after all the milk itself is a bit burn.

On other hand, typical tourist in Beijing would be hault to Quan Ju De for the famous pekingnese roast duck. After that, they would usually be fed with Dong Lai Shun's Sliced Lamb steamboat. If you ask me, I think both of them are more for the rourist and represent very little of the local people food.

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