Thursday, September 01, 2005

Back to KL, Klang Valley night view

We arrived quite late tonite. It was already near 11pm when we fly above the Klang Valley skyline. Have you ever see KL from the plane on the cloudless sky before? It is actually rather breath taking too, no bad compare to other skylines, be it New York or London.

I feel this place look so calm at this quiet night. There are very few cars on the brightly lit highway. The tolls, look like a big stomach readily swollowing all cars passing through. Hahaha...

The KLCC always look so tall and strongly standing from a far, while KL Tower never deserted the KLCC standing near her too.

There are many dim housing areas from afar, and cars are burrowing through them. I would guess it must be time for the people in the car to find a home, and a bed to sleep on.

And I, whom glad to be home, will find a my comfortable to sleep on too.

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