Thursday, September 15, 2005

What a terrible aircraft MAS has!

Came to Singapore for a product launch for two days. Since just a short trip so I decided to just take a quick flight down here. While I just got settled down at my seat, a cranking sound rush through from the back. It sounded more like, you know, throwing rubbish from the garbage chute atop.

That sound lasted for the entire flight. Eventually I discovered, it is the solid pieces of ice that is flowing through the air conditioning vent within the plane!!! And when pieces of ice rush through, the whole aircraft became rather foggy with the mist coming out of it.

Can you imagine, what if the air cond system has something to with the electricity within the plane. And what if this pro-longed, and lead to a certain machanism failure, then lead to something even bigger...erm... like an air crash??? (CHOI!)

Whatever it is, I think if MAS can't even solve a problem like this, how can they solve bigger problems like the revenue and returns???

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