Tuesday, September 27, 2005

JW Marriot -- Adventure to Mystical Toilet

I've learned something about life today, despite how depress I was yesterday.

When life gives you a lemon, throw it to some else.

Not literally I mean. What I want to say is that, if that is how things has become, I now have accepted the true fact there's nothing I can do. I have gave my best, but I must understand that sometimes you can only do so much. Life is full of unexpected things going on.

When you think that there's nothing that excites you anymore. Ask yourself if you have done yourself justice by thinking that way.

So, life is full of unexpected things going around.

I decided to get to the JW Marriot Hotel for some pastries for my customer. If you remember, I once wrote about how excuisite the lower ground floor is, with very fine dining.

This time, JW Marriot outdone herself again. I was greeted with more more great restaurants and cafe there. I mean that the design is just so fine. Hope one day I will have a chance, or a reason to dine there.

Anyway, if you are there, be sure to check out their toilet (the lower ground floor one, behind Shook!

It is a rather hidden one. The whole toilet is dimly lit, and there were these two big vertically spinning wheels greeting when you first going in. The whole toilet walls are made of coarse red bricks, arranged in a rather middle eastern favor. In fact, the lamp shades are of colored glass.

It is very mysterious, after I was done with my business, the janitor (is that what she is called??) will spin the wheels for me, so that water comes out from the tap for me to wash my hand. When she spin the wheel on the opposite direction -- water comes out at the opposite tap! Now, that was very interesting. Haha...

So, if you are there, be sure to check this nice little place out.

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