Sunday, November 18, 2007

Back From Taiwan

Taiwan (436)
Current Tallest Building in The World - Taipei 101

Taiwan (395)
Taroko National Park, HuaLian

Taiwan (264)
Fuo Guang San Monastery

Taiwan (222)
Ever Famous Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan (21)
Over Hyped Taiwan Small Snacks!!

Gosh! Just came back from Taiwan, had a VERY early morning flight at 8.30am this morning to catch. Seeing the Taiwanese mostly talk louder than action, we all headed to the airport as early as 5.30am in case there were unsuspected delay even though they always sounded efficient.

Been running around the whole island, changing hotel every night, until a point I no longer able to recall where I was the day before. Pretty much like a nomad.

Kinda tire and with many pics to sort out one by one. Will post them one by one when I am ready.


Just updated all about my Taiwan trip finally, click below for each small trips!

All the photos are posted at Flickr:

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