Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yeh Liu National Geological Park 野柳地质公园

It rained and rained and rained the whole day today. So much so, our guide was quite worry the pathway around this National Park render inaccessible to visitor due to possibility of slippery walkways.

As Taiwan located openly towards the Atlantic Ocean, the waves are generally harsher looking more dangerous. The is probably the reason why we don't see a lot of smooth looking white sandy beach around, but instead high cliffs, dotted with rocky seasides.

The guide was mentioning that due to the strong waves, a lot of people fishing on the rock gets dragged down by the waves resulting many deaths every year.

Taiwan (77)

Anyways, as we arrived at the park, rain turned drizzles and eventually stopped. But the sky still look rather grim.

Taiwan (81)

Taiwan (83)

I was not quite sure what so special about this place. Anyones that talk about Taiwan usually relates it to their dodgy entertainment industry as well as the large variety of small snacks.

But coming to here, I realised that Taiwan has some rather magnificent natural tourist attraction as well. We were first greeted by a small naturally carved sandstone, deemed to look exactly like the Formosa Island (Taiwan). How does it look like? But a piece of Yam of course. That is the reason why the local always call themselves as children of the sweet potato.

Taiwan (87)

The most interesting part cames with all these "mushrooms" peaking out from a far. What a sight!

Taiwan (90)

Taiwan (98)

Photography hobbyist came to take their best shot on a cloudy day here as well.

Taiwan (97)

Can you figure what is this two rock supposed to be? (Kih kih)

Taiwan (105)

Taiwan (106)

Answer : Fairy shoe & Candles, Elephant

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