Monday, November 19, 2007

Shilin Night Market, Taipei 士林夜市

We were all sent to the renowned Shilin night market straight after touching down at Taipei Tao Yuan International airport. It seems that it is one of the must go for tourists coming to Taiwan, where by they could sample a variety of frequently advertised Taiwanese snacks.

Taiwan (26)

Strangely this night market is Indoor... hmmm... and it seems to look empty at most place even though heavily promoted on the TVBS Asia...

Taiwan (9)

Taiwan (21)

I would guess the most popular stalls among them all would be this Hao Da Da Chicken Chop

Taiwan (11)

Selling XL size chicken pieces coated with starched and bread crump, deep friend, and be scrumptiously powdered with Ajinomoto flavoring (BBQ,Salsa,Chilli). No picture, coz just got down from the plane, a bit "kelam-kabut". Anyways, one big standard piece for 50Yuan (RM5)

And another crowded stall... Big Biscuit wrap Small Biscuit 大饼包小饼(???)

Taiwan (23)

Essentially what it is is that wrapping one layer of flour dough onto a glutinous rice dough, where inside it contain various fillings of choice, (e.g. coconut, red bean paste, peanuts). At the end they are all deep fried. 4 pieces for 100 (RM10)

There are many other things as well...

BBQ as picked, with sausages,cockles(clam), meat, mostly animal internal organs, the worst to me is that Chicken butts all arrange in skewer... eek!

Taiwan (22)

Taiwan (20)

The food here... disappointingly, mostly taste worse than run of the mill. Even our food court here can cook better food...

Most disappointing of them all is this oyster omelette 蚝仔煎. Too much starch, too wet, with a disgusting tasting chili sauce.

Taiwan (16)

Anyways, when you are in Taiwan, one thing every tourist is invited to taste is this Smelly Taufu 臭豆腐. How do I describe this smell... the sludge from drain would the closest I guess.

Taiwan (18)

Apart from deep fried, it can be cooked in variety ways, in the smelly sour veg soup that is.

Taiwan (25)

But I like the BBQ style smelly taufu the best, all topped with sour cabbage on top.

U can see a lot of fruit drink stalls here too. And everyone promoting this Papaya milk (was said able to improve women's cup size), as well as White bittergout with honey.

Taiwan (10)

Taiwan (12)

You ask me? I think they are all too watered down for the price we paying. Mostly at 30Yuan a cup.

Yawn... anyways gonna sleep early tonight, as it is another long day tomorrow. Wonder what's there for me ahead. Lucky we managed to sleep in at Holiday Inn Taipei East, perhaps I will take all the soap, shower cap, tea bags, etc.

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