Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hakka Village, Biggest Sea World in Asia, Hot Spring Resort...

The next day pretty much is another long day driving for us.

At first, we came by this Hakka Village - Mei Nong Hakka Culture Village 美浓客家村

Taiwan (311)

Not much here really, except people would use the Hakka culture as a kind of attraction which I find it highly fascinating. Seeing that there are so many Hakka people walking around in Malaysia, no one would be interested to know them more.

Taiwan (307)

Taiwan (309)

Then again, there are many Malay people in Malaysia too but still many curious white foreigners would set toe in the Malay village to learn about Malay livings and believes. So I guess anything goes as long as you know the means and ways to market it.

Anyway, one of the attraction at this village belongs to this uncle. He has a ability to play tunes using various UNUSUAL object as his music instrument : Lately he is into playing strings with his wood saw, and sometimes he blow weasel with a small bit of leaves. Apparently he has been invited to perform on the television many time with this skill. My dad and somehow feel a little cold and scary when he started playing with the saw, it resembles the sound effect of a ghost appearing in a haunted movie!

Taiwan (304)

So then our next destination was to the biggest aquarium in Asia. On the way there, we stopped by to get some fruits -- In Malay we call them Jambu Air, or Sui Wong 水蓊 in Chinese. But the Taiwanese call them Lian Wu 莲雾here. Big and Juicy, YUM!

Taiwan (320)

We also had the mango ice blended which was not bad, loaded with a lot of mangoes for RM10 or so.

Taiwan (315)

Arriving at the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, the weather turned to be rather sunny. Somehow making us feeling lost in planning what to wear, as we were told that last area of the museum are open air with different exhibition.

Taiwan (322)

Taiwan (325)

Taiwan (329)

But if you ask me, I'd say there isn't a need to plan that much since there aren't that many things to see inside there. Though the are might seem big, but the number of worthy exhibits are few to remember -- namely the Beluga Whales, The big seaweed tank... erm... haha... really not much. Even the biggest conveyor belt showcase tank proves to be dull and lifeless, with few fishes and no corals. A big disappointment compare to Singapore Underwater World.

Anyways, we did say Hi to some of these stuffs. My mom was making hell lot of noise not being able to see the whales feeding show as it was close due to overcrowding.

Taiwan (332)

Taiwan (333)

Taiwan (340)

Taiwan (335)

Coming out from the aquarium, we then start on a long drive to Hua Lian. It was drizzling a lot throughout the drive. Further more, large part of the coastal road located right next to a high cliff making the journey looking extra scary. Surplus to that, the roaring sea waves with a dark sky just makes our journey seemed so perilous per se. No photos here as surrounding got too dark for a good photos.

But anyways, we stopped by at another fruit stalls sampling two types of local fruit -- Sour Soup and the other one 藩荔枝, I too don't know what it is named in english.

Taiwan (342)

Taiwan (343)

After visiting so many places, it was time for a good night rest. We checked into a hot spring resort.

Taiwan (371)

Outside here is a full strenght hot water for curious one to boil egg. While customer staying with the resort can go for a spa like hot spring treat.

Taiwan (369)

Taiwan (370)

While many others decided to shy away from the mini water theme park style hot spring, my parents and I did brave the cold weather for a relaxing dip here. We were told that swiming attire with cap is a must if anyone wants to use the hot spring facility. There are strong water jet to massage the shoulder area, bubbling water like a jacuzzi as well.

By the time we got out from our 15 min dip at the 41 degree water, we were so hot that we just walked back to the room without needing anymore sweater!

But the night just doesn't end there. We all decided to have a night out at a small family bar just down the road. Everyone cheers and eat and sing till exhaustion.

Taiwan (349)

Taiwan (346)

Taiwan (360)

Taiwan (347)
Wild Boar Meat

Taiwan (353)
Veg from the Mountains

Taiwan (354)
Another variety of wild boar meat

Taiwan (355)
Deep fried salty peppered century egg

AHH!! That conclude a long day today. Tomorrow we will be heading to Hua Lian, where the beautiful Alisan girls and boys stays~ kih kih kih

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