Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Night Market Again at Kaoshiung 六合夜市

The days here seemed to be rather routine already: Day time sight seeing, night time strolling night market.

True enough, we were not fed tonight and have to look for food at this Liu He night market near our hotel.

Taiwan (283)

First, not sure what to eat, we decided to get a BBQ chicken from this stall because the que seemed very long, though fast service. As you can see, my dad is anxious to get his hand on them in the picture here.

Taiwan (281)

Taiwan (279)

Look at the BBQ stall menu, I don't even understand some of the stuffs they sell here. I am thinking most likely they are related to a certain intestinal part or so.

Taiwan (280)

It wrote there "Seven Miles Fragrant" 七里香, which I recall it is BBQ chicken butt in skewers?

We then ordered this Shark Fin look-a-like thick broth known as 鱼庚, not bad for about RM3 with loads of fish meat in within. Must eat with black vinegar, just like shark fin soup.

Taiwan (284)

Then we move like nomad to the opposite stalls, eating Tan Tan Noodle 担仔面(meaning noodle container carried on shoulder). Bowl of soup noodle with some side dishes that eventually cost us RM20 or so... I definitely think this is cater for tourist business. Besides the noodle is nothing too fantastic at all, so are the side dishes.

Taiwan (285)

Taiwan (286)

I like this one, Pepper Biscuit 胡椒饼, filled with peppery mince meat and baked in a traditional charcoal chamber. Looking somewhat similar of the North Indian Naan oven.

Taiwan (288)

Taiwan (287)

I like this too, various skewers coated with deep fried batter.

Taiwan (289)

At first I though it was with sausages, but to our surprise, it is with mashed sweetened yam. Just like a dessert. Yum!

Taiwan (291)

And of course, this stalls steal the most attention with its "Fully Automatic" set up.

Taiwan (292)

Making small cup cake filled with creamy custard all with one person managing it. Very fast production too.

Taiwan (295)

Taiwan (297)

And I kinda think it tasted quite nice.

There are many "home made" funfair set up here and they are quite interesting too. E.g. shooting balls into hole at the pool table.

Taiwan (290)

One good thing about night market around here is that they planned it very well, from parking availability up to public toilet! We Malaysian should learn more. After all, the longer the tourist stay, the more money they can spent rite?

Taiwan (293)

While walking back, we discover this Bubble Tea House thing is everywhere in the whole of Taiwan! Simple empty looking shop selling only flavored tea with jelly like munchies.

Taiwan (298)

Also, we managed to ask a lot of curious question to this girl that manned a beetle nut stall we happened to past by. She seemed very sweet and cute!

Taiwan (299)

Taiwan (300)

A guy came by to buy two packets, and it is not surprising to find that his teeth was badly damaged by chewing on this thingy for pro-long period of time!

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