Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hong Kong New Year Eve??!! Not Really...

We were so so so tire from yesterday all day walking and late night travelling from Shen Zhen. So much so we eventually started our day late today to Hong Kong.

China (198)

And dad was nagging nonstop about it, for a while at least. Scary!!

China (195)

Further more as we were based in Zhu Hai, we had to take a 1 hour ferry over to Hong Kong and guess what? The ticket per person per one directional trip was RMB120!!! Ouch, that was such expensive.

China (201)

China (202)

China (206)

As we arrived at around noon time. We hurriedly walk around Jordan street looking for dim sum. That itself took us a while... and we stumbled over this

China (213)

Snake delight shop (go figure yourself... kih kih)

And this... (written beautiful girls at attractive price)

China (212)

Ah... finally found ourselve this nice big restaurant serving dim sum (local actually refer as YumChar).


And we eat these...

China (215)

And I must say, only Hong Kong people know their Cantonese food the best. Not even us in Malaysia can claim to make dim sum better that this.

China (214)

I mean, Char Siew chee cheong fun that has the Char Siew that is still tasting freshly barbecued, egg tarts pastry that melts in the mouth before you know, porridge that is so flavourful. I don't think we can find such offering easily anywhere else (hmmm... perhaps Hong Kong migrant infested places like Melbourne and Vancouver???).

It is great to know that food actually cost less here these days. For such scumptious meal, we paid like HK$140 or so only (USD45), which is of similar standard to Malaysia, I think. Heh...

After eating, begins our loooong walking... and shopping as well.

China (208)

China (211)

China (217)

My sister was like shopping at Esprit in Tong Choi (Nui Yan) Road like crazy.

China (232)

China (226)

We passed by one shop along the Jordan street that sell steam milk custard dessert 双皮奶 and steam egg custard 炖蛋.

China (224)

China (221)

China (225)

Seemed very popular as everyone is sharing table. But the price, gosh, cut throat. See the menu here and you decide yourself!

The dessert is okay, kinda like what we've expected. We ordered two steam milk and two steam egg, with milk tea for everyone, that itself cost us HK$130!!++

One thing I notice, small places like Hong Kong (and Venice I once read), land is scares and there are very few places to sit. If you want to sit, most likely you will have to go to a eating place to order something and sit. Even that, you can sit for too long, as there are other customers would like to have a chance on them as well!

I was hoping for an exciting count down in Hong Kong to year 2007, but our last ferry back to Zhu Hai was like 9.30PM (WHAT?!). So, we only manage to snap some pre-celebration Hong Kong skyline before going home.

China (256)

China (254)

China (259)

China (264)

China (258)

And the Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel look gorgeous as ever.

China (269)

Everyone started walking on the street nearby, as it was closed for new year eve celebration!

China (274)


Saturday, December 30, 2006

Shenzhen 1-day rush! Part 2: City Walk Walk

What a big a beautiful city Shenzhen has turned into!

China (151)

China (149)

That was what sprung into my mind when we drove slowing into the city struggling through the bad traffic jams on a holiday weekend.

China (143)

Shenzhen look so different as compare to 10 years ago when I was first here. The whole city used to be so dusty, but now after their effort trying to built oasis up in over night, Shenzhen look so sophisticated in her own way.

China (146)

Tall buildings are everywhere, shopping malls dotted the city streets. Wow...

Before we went to the Eastern Gate, we stopped by at the opposite road finding ourselves landed at a local market.

China (157)

China (156)

China (161)

Dad was particularly interested at the food people eat here, and so we found him buying Cantonese style roast pork here. The roast pigeon seemed nice too but we didn't order it.

China (155)

China (158)

As usual, these chinamen always sell something illegal. Animal furs!!!

China (154)

As we walk a bit nearer to the Eastern gate, we found this big time distribution market distributing terrible things!!!!

China (168)

While awhile ago I claimed that all the sharkfins restaurant served these days must've been a clone one, at here, as you can see... millions and millions of sharkfin all dried up and well packed ready to be shipped out to prospective buyers, e.g. the restaurant in Malaysia, who knows!

China (162)

The fins are everywhere!!!!! Oh dear!!!!!

China (165)

China (166)

Apart from sharkfins, the seacucumber, starfishes, and seahorses met their creator here as well!!! We were busy with a pics, so much so eventually the security guard warn us to stop. Guess they know this business is not right!!!

Perhaps it is no more Sharkfin soup for me from now on!!! RIP to these poor sharks!!!

We then came to the Eastern Gate shopping street. People literally just hang around here, eating at the road side, window shopping mostly.

China (174)

China (173)
We follow suit on how people spent time here, by eating at the roadside standing too!

China (176)
Sour spicy noodle - Shiok!

China (179)
Cold koay teow peanut sauce - Yeek! Weird taste and vegetarian!

China (180)

Walk walk walk... found a lot of branded wanna be

China (181)
what the?!

Then went to the RBT (short form for Real Brew Tea) which serve my favorite bubble tea.

China (187)

Nearby RBT was this famous old shop (renovated though) that sells the Lou Porr Peng 老婆饼(wife biscuit) and good selection of crispy egg rolls 蛋卷 too.

Nearby the RBT place, there is this one isolated corner selling puppies. They seemed cute aren't they?
China (191)

China (189)

China (190)

This pomeranian cost RMB1500 (can be bargained for a lot less it seems).

China (192)

After the previous episode with the Sharkfin, I really feel the China people are terrible. Thus I tend to think that these dogs here were not treated properly as well. Most likely from an ill-managed dog kennel that deserved my boycott!!! Besides, I wouldn't trust them, when behind those alleys, they still eat dogs. Can never trust Chinamen!!!