Friday, December 29, 2006

Rushing over to Zhu Hai from Macau

All rush and no play make Dana a grumpy girl.

3a.m.!!! What were you doing at that time when I was awaken to rush to the LCCT???

6.30am was our flight to Macau this morning.

China (1)
Upon arrival, we rush ourselves to the Macau border with Zhu Hai. Dad has decided to stay in Zhu Hai instead the hotels rate there are more affordable. Besides, for the places we want to go the next few days, Zhu Hai seemed more centralised for us to travel around.

We had simple dim sum breakfast at our hotel (Greenery Hotel, standard suite RMB280/night) which was nothing to shout about then found ourselves all knockout for whole afternoon after that.

China (5)
China (4)
When we were awake, it was almost 6pm. So we went to eat again, but this time at a Northern Cuisine restaurant.
China (15)
China (17)
China (18)
Eating strange stuffs like this, century egg ala spicy sour salad style. Kih kih kih!!!

China (19)
And of course, my favorite cumin seed tasting stir fry spicy beef, something the local call "toothpick beef". It named that way because they pricked the beef with toothpick before stirr frying so at the end the beef doesn't clump together.
China (16)
With some luck, we found a fairly decent tour office way behind the Gong Bei bus station (Jiu Zhou International Travel Office). We booked ourselves a trip to Shen Zhen for next day at a reasonably priced chartered Hyundai van.

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