Monday, December 25, 2006

It was Late Spring 2000 in Melbourne...

October it might be, but I was already celebrating arrival of Summer holiday in Melbourne.

Ahhh... was scanning all my pics, and came across the pics of my first Great Ocean Road trip. I still remember it was the first time we rented car to drive on our own, and feeling all trembling yet exciting. Furthermore, the whole distance of the trip was more than 700km!




Gerard, my then uni friend was great, he drove us the whole time to these beautiful sceneries!


Then there were PY, Chui Li and Mun Sum, we were so young (erm, not that we are old now). We really laugh and played a lot throughout the trip.



When we came back towards the city, the sky was drizzling a little but the sunset had made us two big rainbow paralleling with each other.


Geez... I miss Melbourne, and Uni days too...

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