Saturday, December 30, 2006

Shenzhen 1-day rush! Part 1: Windows of The World

It was lucky that we actually managed to book this van to get us up to Shenzhen. Apparently it gets really busy during year end festive season like this, so much so most place despite we were willing to offer to pay more, there is just no available van for us to hire.

And so, very early we were on the road again. Drove like 2 hours, with only stop on the petrol station along a brand new spanking highway - Sino Petrol! God knows what Sino means, but it is everywhere.

China (39)

China (38)

China (41)

Then we arrived there, finding out the entrance charges to Windows of The World was like RMB120!!! per person. To be qualified for senior citizen, apparently you've got to be age of 65 and above!!! I am guessing that the china population is fast ageing, so much so if they'd follow Malaysia way at age of 55, they'd loose $$ a long time ago!

China (51)
And so, we paid through our nose for 5 person and got in.

Kih kih kih...

As you can see here, it is really quite beautiful and nicely landscaped. One moment we were in Japan, another moment I was stomping onto Angkor Wat like a giant. Hmmm... was is that story Gulliver and the small smurfs? Err... something like that.

China (49)

China (62)

There are some surprise too when come to the India part. We found this small little entrance.

China (70)

That leads to a life size relic temple!!

China (74)

China (75)

There are people trying to take fantasy like wedding pictures around, which somewhat became my dream to get married here too (unless Mark has better idea, e.g. getting married at a small church at somewhere remote Europe, gosh EXOTIC!).

China (119)

Ok ok... lets get back to here...

So, here are some of the pics around the Park.

China (83)

China (97)

China (106)

China (110)

China (112)

China (123)

China (129)

China (128)

China (127)

Later on, we were thinking of visiting the China version one, with all the famous place in China, only to find that the entrance is RMB120 AGAIN!!! Different thing is that, this time, there is hardly anyone that wants to go in there.

China (140)

Since we decide to making this a pass we ended up sitting around waiting for the van to come pick us up. While waiting, there is really no one at all that pay to go into this park at all. Shame on them for being a bad business person! The last time I was there (10 years ago) I sort of find nothing too special about this other park. Things get a little under managed too.

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