Monday, December 04, 2006

I love Malacca Chicken Rice Ball!

Gosh, it certainly has been ages since I ate that! Miss that savory taste of the rice, topped with sour spicy ginger homemade chilli sauce!


And guess who's my partner this time?


Chui Li, my model of course! :Þ

Don't ask me where to eat that, coz I only remember it is on the main street of Melaka Raya (newer part of town), same row with the 7 eleven, past the reflexology center. Try your luck!

Then of course, down with the cold icy Chendol dessert on Jonker Street.



It was a very short trip, but we found ourself a nice bunk at this Kancil Guest House.

With clean room and beds...


and very nicely decorated too!




Our model will demonstrate to you how leisure like this place can be!



Actually the wooden platform was full of ant crawling all over my leg.

Alas, a hammock!


We paid like RM40 per night for the room. Do expect no hot shower, and bring your own toilet roll too. No tv as well... heh.... but you get to meet cute friendly foreigners around here!

We found ourselves a new friend, with this Mexican girl backpacking alone to this small town. We had fun hanging out together the night before at Jonker Street. Later on we dropped her off at the airport before going home.


Must do more of this definately, Chilli agree??

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