Monday, July 11, 2005

Monash - Four Years After Graduation

Dear Emily,

I have gone back to our old university after 4 years I graduate from there. It is strange that I have never thought about going there although I pass by there from time to time. I miss the great times we and the others had together during our university days, but now those great times seemed so far from us.

Our labs at the lower ground still look the same, only grown to lack of space and kinda filty. Mr. Nathan is still there working. He seemed tired working there. It is not just him looking exhausted, Dr. Kan too seemed very tiring. I guess the university has overworked them in one way or another.

I was at the cafeteria looking at the current students. Ah... university life are such ideal kind of life, free from worries such as paying car installments, family problems, work stress. I see these students, in a way looking different from us. Arming with the newest handphone in hand, dress up with clothes I never dream a student would wear it, they chit-chat like there was no tomorrow.

There are some changes around the campus too. All our lecturers no longer sit at the 2nd floor. They were all moved to the buildings where the old hostels are. I feel sorry for them in a way, as there were too many stairs to climb, and the former apartment units look very worn. I am guessing that Dr. Ton must be having a hard time to get to her room that is at the 3rd floor, from the labs that are at the lower ground floor!

What else what else. Guess what's new at the cafeteria? There's a San Francisco cafe there!!! And there is also Auntie Anne's pretzel stand there too. Other than that, me think our uni is just getting filled with too many advertisments everywhere!!! For example, there was this big Nokia advert at the entrance going into the cafeteria. And then, there are advertisment to download ringtones wallpaper behind the toilet doors!

If you ask my opinion, me definately think that this place offer almost everything: great food, cool environment, 1st class facilities. One thing for sure it is not best at, is the education.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

A real Toyota AE86!

Wanna guess what is this post all about? Well, I only can say: EITHER YOU KNOW IT OR YOU DON'T!!!

Anyway, this is the replica of the Toyata AE86 from that show INITIAL D. Man, I just so got addicted watching this car drift throughout the movie. So, I got all excited wanting to a picture of it when Mark told me Drinho was doing promotion with this car across town.

The car only look similar to the one in the movie on this side of the picture. The left hand side is with the INITIAL D movie poster. There is no turbo in this car too! Besides, this car is way too dirty, doesn't reflect the cleanliness Jay Chou posed as in the movie.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Redang Island Revisited!

曲:任贤齐/阿牛 词:任贤齐/阿牛 编:王豫民

我要你陪着我 看着那海龟水中游
慢慢的爬在沙滩上 数着浪花一朵朵
你不要害怕 你不会寂寞

日子一天一天过 我们会慢慢长大

我知道有一天 你 一定会爱上我

时光匆匆匆匆流走 也也也不回头
哎哟那那那那个时候 我我我我也也

啦啦~ 数着浪花一朵朵