Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

As usual, anyone come to this Siberia Outcast Territory??? If yes, merry Christmas to you, and to myself too. Bought Mark one very lovely Christmas Present -- A Altec Alnsing Speaker systems. He seemed to enjoy it very very much. What did you get for your love ones then?

Anyway, may the readers have a Happy New Year too, many happy returns for the coming new year!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Foods-Craving Thought

I am sitting here now after a full feast with Chinese Roast Duck accompanied with sourish chilli sauce, and sweet dark soy sauce. Burp~! I can tell you that is good, but not the best one though.

So, here I thought, what are my cravings if I ended up someone far in oversea, say: Florida Keys, or Africa... Here's a list I managed to think off for now, and eventually add more items to it later. Oops, if you are in oversea away from Malaysia now, too bad lah. But I can offer to eat for you on your behalf the next time I see them. Kih kih...

1. Thosei - The sourish rice pancake
2. Roti Pisang - Banana pancake ala M'sia style
3. Chicken Rice Ball - Definately from the restaurants in Malacca
4. Claypot Chicken Rice - Oh, I can smell that slight burned rice faintly now.
5. Sago Shaved Ice dessert - Either Mango, Yam or Honeydew flavor please
6. Chinese Dumplings
7. Steamed Tilapia with Sour Spicy Thick Sauce - The restaurant in Peel Road know how to do it the best way.
8. La-La (Clam Mussle) steamed in superior chinese wine
9. Butter Prawn
10. Otak-otak
11. Bah Kut Teh - Pork Ribs herb based soup
12. Fruits like: Guava, Nangka, Rambutan, Sour Soup, Durian, etc...
13. Hakka traditional cuisine - Lui Char Fan, Rice served with tea leave based soup

Add yours!

Monday, December 13, 2004


Was at Dr. Liew's blog a long time ago. Thought it was funny after reading it again, therefore I decided to post it here to steal some smiles. Heh.

1. Kuih ape yang bungkusnya di dalam, isinya di luar?
[ Kuih salah bikin. ]

2. Binatang ape power Karate?
[ Kuda belang. Cube kira brape black belt dia ade. ]

3. Pintu ape yang walaupun dengan 10 org pun tak leh nak tolak?
[ Pintu yang ade tulis TARIK. ]

4. Saya ade 3 kepala,4 tangan dan 5 kaki...siapakah saya?
[ Pembohong... ]

5. Apa dia Jauh di mata, dekat di hati...?
[ Usus ]

6. Binatang ape yang seluruh anggota tubuhnya kat kepala?
[ Kutu rambut ]

7. Nenek sape jalannya meloncat-loncat?
[ Neneknye si katak ]

8. Ape beza sekretari baik dgn sekretari kurang baik?
[ Sekretari baik : ' Selamat pagi tuan' ; Sekretari kurang baik.......' Dah pagi ni tuan' ]

9. Ape persamaan Michael Jordan ngan Michael Jackson?
[ Dua-dua tak kenal korang...hehe ]

10. Nak mencari sikit punye susah, bile dah dapat buang, ape bendanya?
[ Tahi hidung ]

11. Knape pokok kelapa kat depan rumah harus ditebang?
[ Mestilah kene tebang, sape nak cabut pokok kelapa...gile ape... ]

12. Gajah terbang dengan ape?
[ Dengan susah payah...... ]

Monday, December 06, 2004

Living Abroad

I had a chat with a customer while waiting for the engineers to get the machine fixed this morning. She was saying that with her current boyfriend, she could imagine herself eventually joining him in Germany one day. After that, while driving back to office, I thought myself too if I could imagine myself being in everywhere that Mark will be. In 1 years time, he plans to be in Brisbane studying then working for at least 5 years? After that, he hope to move to Germany and eventually to Sweden since he feel most at home there.

I have not seen Germany, Sweden not even Brisbane, even though I once studied in Melbourne before. But in my mind, Mark helped me to paint this beautiful picture of how lovely these places could be. Yes, I seen some of them on the television before but it is hard to really describe the real thing unless that person been there before. So I guess I will have to work harder to save enough and visit at least to some of these places. Perhaps by then I will definately be able to imagine myself being at wherever he is with him together.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Puteri Gunung Ledang

I bought the VCD from KFC (RM9.90) few days ago, and only get to watch this highly acclaimed movie last nite. Indeed it is a very beautiful story. The film color contrast and internal soundtrack very very finely created. Me think Tiara Jacquelina is very beautiful in this film. She has shown her versatility in acting. Casting is okay, but I think they can do better by changing the sultan to someone that look more prosperous. Also, me don't think back then in Majapahit era, their stone work is that fantastic, as I found some modern looking brickwall at some of the palace scene.

Nonetheless, it is still good for a enjoyable evening entertainment.

Puteri Gunung Ledang :

Thursday, November 25, 2004

All About Relationship

Once not so long ago, the naive me thought that love and relationship is made up of romance, fairy tale weddings, honesty and perhaps peppered with lots of gift exchanges. These days, well, I don't really think I feel that old, but that certain maturity tells me that I believe in trust more when comes to relationship. I have been caught in a situation of betrayal before, so I know very well I will not be able to trust again, no matter how hard I tried to revive the relationship after that.

However, if you would ask me if trust is all it takes to make a relationship works, I say no way to that. A woman that do no want to be labelled as the typical blonde should sticks out her antenna and be very alert to her relationship all time. She should be warned even thought there is a slightest changes to this relationship. After all, you just don't want to be the last one to know why you were ditch isn't it? Spying they might call it, but from time to time you just got to test water even thought you can get burn from it. Alas, the fate of a woman looking to complete her ideal life is so sad and depressing! I guess, be careful and dont get discovered is the only way to this.

It does not neccesary mean that you are suspecting him trying to two time outside, it could be an indirect observation to learn the better side of him. Trust me, it will give tremendous positive effect if you do it right. For example, seeing him looking at particular shirt, and you buy it as a birthday gift for him later to surprise him. He could feel that he is treasured, and there you go, a guy that love you more.

Man, in general sense they don't take a lot to maintain. In fact, most of them are pretty self sustain these days as they live alone while studying in oversea. Don't assume they are guys and you don't need shower them with TLC (Tender Loving Care). They appreciate TLC just like us girl, but in reality guys are too 'man' to manja for it.

Anyway, I am not into TLC part today. What I need to say is that, being alert in a relationship, is actually more important for the woman. It is one essential way to protect ourselves from being hurt. Man are so irresistable when you get closer to them at the first place, but be careful they can take your pride and self esteem away at the time you are least aware of. Look at my close friend, few get two timed, while some still refuse to leave because they actually looking for the silver linings to come by one of these days. Doh...

It is a vicious cycle nonetheless. We try our very best to find out what our love ones are doing behind our back, on the hand we have fear deep within our heart wondering if we could handle the worst truth if we find out. But I guess, a perfect life too consist of take risk at one point of time. After all, when we look back at what we do, what most essential is that we still care for this person, which was why we were doin this act at the first place. If our heart decides to move on, all the fear and insecurity caused by such scenario does not matter anymore to us.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sex Education

How did you first found out the way human beings replicate themselves? Were you first told by your parents that you were being delivered by the stork? Or did your aunt laughed while telling you, that you came to this world when that big rock that hold you blasted apart as lighting striked it?

Whatever myth and tale these people are trying to convey, I definately think that it is a bad bad start for sex education. That is because when he grow older, he will eventually have more question than ever, especially when he watches the movies/television program these days. The more the parents hide it, the more the child become curious. What more that the child might get the wrong information from start? This probably explain why I heard a child would think that baby will comes if a boy and a girl kissed.

I still remembers that my mom would actually still tear away the sex Q&A column from the newspaper that we subscribe to, when I was in my first year at the university. Till now, I could still laugh a little remember my puzzled self trying to figure out why the newspaper was torn from time to time. Apart from laughing, there are somewhat a sense of regret that my parent wouldn't teach me the correct approach when comes to communicate on the topic of sex.

I mean, this is not only happening in my own family. In fact, majority of the Malaysian society are behaving this way, when our dear Prime Minister is trying hard to advance us to the new millenium. A new airport, tall buildings, ultra modern infrastructure, but what use of these advancement when people still detest if a program on the television show two person just touching lips! Like what I say to my colleague during lunch just now, we look too far ahead in planning, till we neglected to plan on things just right in front of our eyes.

Take a look at my current neighbour now, he actually told us off not to hang my underwear facing his god's altar. Typical chinese that thinks anything we place near our vagina is dirty enough to cause bad luck for his lifetime (perhaps even the next life too. Duh!. Sometimes I have half the nerve to tell him that, though the vagina is dirty and bad luck (to him), but ironically, that is where he first came into this world. Was he the bad omen then, to his parent?

My colleague, on the other hand were very lucky that her parent were not that conservative. At that moment when she behaving curiously about sex, her mom actually took the initiative to sit down with her and watch porn with her! She taught her the anatomy of human beings, and stuffs like safe sex etc... that really makes me respect her mother.

Sex is not dirty, it has been defamed by the society that advance in material, but not mentally.

Monday, November 22, 2004

At Mike's Blog

Hey, and you think there is only war in the tmnet.communities newsgroup? Wait till you see these bunch of people here at

I am not sure how the whole situation arise, but it sure is fun to read the things that mike manage to come up with! :P

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Guilty neh~

Since small, I might be mischevious, but I think so far I have not done anything that hurts anyone though. I might steal some coins here and there, lied that there was test or exams, but I really am a kind hearted soul deep within. Hey, it is true, who on earth would bring two kittens that were coated in grease home to clean and feed them? And who on earth would actually feel guilty when not donating to the charity guy that come disturbing me while I am having lunch in a kopitiam?

But reality bites, the more you act nice, the more life wants from you. My grandma thinks I ain't caring her enough anymore since I ain't visiting her often (I think). Even my parents now say they feel hurt deep inside, just because I want to move out and have a life on my own. And guess what, now I actually feel guilty over this fact. I have actually no idea why I would feel guilty when living away from home is actually something to celebrate about.

Doesn't the wise one says true love is unconditional and does not seek reciprocal action? But as I've grown up, I realise that our parental love to us are conditional. If we do not conform to the norm of the society to always take care our age old parent, then we are deemed the rebels.

This is not good. The children will never be able to fully outgrown their own abilities.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Selamat Hari Raya

Nice! Got invited to two Raya Open House today. One at my colleague place, while the other one is my customer.

After visiting these two homes, I do realise Malays have very great potential when comes to interior decoration. Either with minute or big budget, they can make a house into a comfortable place call home. Even simplest looking flowers could turned living space alive unknowingly.

Had very good lemang at my colleague place, together with kuah kacang (Yum!). Her house is in deep Ampang area, that is such kampung like. Apparently her father actually went into that jungle opposite to get bamboos to make the lemang that they served us!

While at my customer place later, her living room actually featured a fully wallpapered designs. And guess what, it was a creation done between her and her son. Mark and I really had a great time chatting with her, while getting to know our Malay friends better. After this visit, I felt very warm hearted knowing in life, we can be just as close with our customer, as a way of a friend too.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

While driving for Ikan Bakar

Was in Malacca for a getaway holiday during this Deepa Raya strech of long holiday, with Mark and his mom. Both of them decided to drive on a old trunk road from Ujong Pasir to Serkam (Half way to Muar) for Ikan Bakar dinner. So I realise that Ikan Bakar is something very special at Malacca, especially in the Malay cuisine.

While we were driving, I realise many people not heeding our Prime Minister advise for a safe drive home at all. Saw the lorries still hogging the roads, while others overtake impatiently yet recklessly. Wonder why Malaysians are just that stubborn. Why they just can't think for themselves.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Computer Blues

My IBM G40 actually looks like a real dinasaur in this tech savy lifetime where most gears come in sleek and slim design. I should already suspect that it won't last that long when I first got it from the dealer. What to do, when I have sucha stingy director, so much so he allows only RM4000 budget allocation. :-(

I had to do a big presentation using it with our new sharp LCD projector on last week. Just when I needed it most, it decided to take a break! The port connecting to the external monitor was found faulty. No matter what Io, how much I try to tweak here and there the projector just would not show anything.

Just got to send it back to the IBM factory, since not even our dealer knows what is wrong with it. I will keep my fingers cross that I might get a new one in exchange to this dinasaur!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Blue Tuesday

Why must Monday always be the blue one, I am feeling blue on tuesday now. What are you gonna do about it??? I just don't know, after rushing around in UPM whole day, I felt so tired, miserable actually. I am still guessing what causes it. Was it because Dr. Majid, my favourite customer got upset with me for not fulfilling my promise of giving him a dinner treat???

Or maybe it was because my best friend Emily called me from Melbourne at 5ish? Perhaps I felt like a bummer myself after talking to her, since I haven't been achieving much at this age near 30's. You might wanna know she is a very bright first class honors student, that got offered with a full board scolarship to student at RMIT in Melbourne for a PhD program.

It might be due the amount of work that is swarming over me, till I am not sure where to start tackling them. A little daunting, since I always give 100% to whatever that is demanded from me, yet there is so little in return. Someone just email to ask me, she is interested in using a capillary electropheresis to examine amino acids. For god sake, how on earth would I know if a capillary electropheresis machine would do that???

Wanna bet she most likely not buying anything from me, even though I manage to give a satifying answer after that???

What ever it is, for now, I think I need to watch a movie to relax a little I shall not be bothered with the house chores, the hairs at the sink, nor the dusty floor that is driving me nuts.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Chemistry Jokes

A small piece of sodium which lived in a testube fell in love with a Bunsen burner.

"Bunsen! my flame! I melt whenever I see you" said the sodium.

The bunsen burner replied :"It's just a phase you're going through".


A neutron walks into a bar; he asks the bartender: " How much for a beer?"
The bartender looks at him and says: "For you, it's no charge".


Why did the white bear dissolve in water?
Because it was polar.


What do you call a tooth in a glass of water?
A one molar solution.


What do dipoles say in passing?
Have you got a moment?


Why does hamburger have lower energy than steak?
Because it's in the ground state.


What do you do with a dead chemist?
Barium (bury them...just in case u dun get it:D)


What weapon can you make from the elements potassium, nickel, Iodine and iron?


Why do chemists like nitrates so much?
They're cheaper than day rates.


What did one titration tell the other?
Let's meet at the endpoint.


Why are chemists great for solving problems?
They have all the solutions.


Do you know what happened to the chemist who was reading a book about Helium?
He just couldn't put it down.


Why do chemistry professors like to teach about ammonia?
Because it's basic stuff.


What is a cation afraid of?
A dogion


What did the match tell the flame?
Baby, you make me lose my head.


Why did the ice cube get divorced?
His wife said he was too cold.


Why did Carbon marry Hydrogen?
They bonded well from the minute they met.


What kind of ghosts haunt chemistry faculties?
Methylated spirits.


If H20 is water what is H20 4?
Drinking, bathing, washing, swimming. . .


A psychotic chemist came home from work and had a big fight with his wife. In the heat of the moment, he grabbed a bottle of some lethal chemical substance and forced her to drink it while he screamed: " Die Ethyl, die".

The wife dropped dead on the floor and the neighbors who were watching the scene, decided to call the police.

The policemen arrived and arrested the chemist. One of them asked: Was there any reason for you to kill your wife?

The chemist replied: " There was no chemistry between us. We never bonded well although we tried.In the compound where we lived, our temperaments collided. She always responded negatively to my comments. Our relationship was unstable. There was no possible solution. She had an attitude and I was explosive. Finally, I overreacted. But now I'm glad it's over. I'm in equilibrium again. I will feel free even behind the irons."


A group of organic molecules were having a party, when a group of robbers broke into the room and stole all of the guests joules.A tall, strong man, armed with a machine gun came into the room and killed the robbers one by one.The guests were very grateful to this man, and they wanted to know who he was.

He replied: My name is BOND, Covalent Bond.


According to a chemist, why is the world so diverse?
Because it's made up of alkynes of people.

(Thanks to Ai Lee forwarding this to me on email)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Mamma Mia is in Singapore!

Mamma Mia is in Singapore!
Uploaded by danachow on 18 Oct '04, 6.09pm PST.
Guess where did I go during the weekend?? To watch Mamma Mia in Singapore!! It is on show until 3rd Dec at the Esplanade. (You know, the building that look like a fly's eye).

I just have to go for it, even though it is so far because I missed it when I was in Melbourne, London and New York. Apparently tickets at these places were fully booked months ahead.

The play is just great, with all the famous ABBA songs being sung. This cast is originally from Australia. It is not any ordinary broadway play like boring phantom of the opera or classic oklahoma, Mamma Mia story line is fully of fun and jokes, colorful dancing.

I really had fun being in this broadway play.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Big Fish, Big Feast

Big Fish, Big Feast
Uploaded by danachow on 14 Oct '04, 2.10am PST.
Look what have my sister got! She was given this big fish by the restaurant owner that she works for. The owner's friend caught it in the lake michigan. Look tasty? But it is very very smelly when they first got it.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Psychology Test

There is this test I read on a magazine very long ago that I can't forget.

I assume most of you know who is doraemon. He is a robotic cat from the future, send back to aid this poor soul called Nobita, by Nobita's decendant from the future. Doraemon is deemed to be the super robot that have all kinds of gadgets in this infinity pounch at his tummy. All these gadgets comes in handy when Nobita lands into trouble, e.g. never finish homework in time, being left out intentional by friends when going outings.

So, assuming you are Nobita, and one day you found that you can have Doraemon to help you anymore. You are given a chance to give doraemon to someone else, who would you most likely to hand away Doraemon?

Think. Issit the orphans? Your Parents? A long lost good friend? Someone u met on the street perhaps?

The psychology behind is rather interesting. The person that you will give away doraemon to, signifying that he/she is the one you deemed most vulnerable, perhaps even inferior in your eyes. Take doraemon as something very precious to you, if you would give away it to someone else, that person in your eyes must be incapable of owning the same thing.

Make sense?

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Reason to get married

While waiting for a friend to go to the bank after lunch, I popped a questiong to my ex-colleague, Grace " Why do people want to get married? Especially seeing the amount of preparations, and heartache, disagreement that two person must go through before finally getting together."

She think think, and replied:

Well, when two person date each other long enough, they became bored and there is nothing else to talk about. So, they get marry and go through all the preparations such as buying house together, marriage registration, etc. This is so as they have common topics to chat on and the relationship can be carried on.

After they get married, the relationship cool down little by little. This time, the couple will think about having children. Children will keep their time fully occupied, and let this couple have more things to talk about. Because of the children, they might decide to take a day out to the zoo, even though dating no longer excites them.

So I carefully lingered on the answer she said, and thought:

What happens then when children eventually grown up and leave?

In my opinion, the couple would go through marriage because splitting obviously is not desired after investing so much time and emotion on this relationship. Unless something unexpected came up, such as discovering he or she has changed, he or she wanting something else in life other than marriage.

Along the way, they have children, they change jobs, maybe their parents/friends pass away, move away. But throughout this life, they discover it is not such a bad idea having a partner supporting each other all along. Even though they do fight and tried to conquer each other, and when they grow old, become weary and wrinkled all over, but who cares, it is this ugly, or once arrogant partner that walk this lifepath together with you all this while.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Look for Waja When Accident Happens To You?

The thing is that, this guy is great with his thoughts. He has a dream or something like that. He thinks, since that the waja is designed with a safe crumple zone, we should bang onto one on the road if so unfortunately an accident happens. Hmm! What is the logic?

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Darlie ToothPaste

Have you ever notice there are actually a lot of Malaysians using Darlie (toothpaste) everyday? No matter how much advertisement colgate or fresh & white try to air on the television, a Darlie person will never seemed to give a second thought in switching over.

I am one of them too. Tried using Darkie (old name of Darlie) at one time in cousin's place and got addicted to the distinctive taste even till now. It is not me alone that have such addiction, I realize it is the same with my sister lah, my friend lah, colleague?

Darlie can make ease people who are home sick to a minimum level too. I have seen one Malaysian student would spend AUD$7 for one toothpaste from the Asian grocery shop. I have also seen my brother and my ex-housemate carrying a few tubes when the go to Australia.

Read more about Darlie history here, err... Darkie maybe:

Friday, September 24, 2004


A colleague of mine, recently has decide she had enough of her marriage and decided to go on divorce procedure. What upset her is that, the husband doesn't seem to give up, kept on harrasing her often through sms and such.

So, why do people get married when to get divorce is just as easy? I can't explain too... maybe you guys have something to argue on?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

JW Marriot Starhill Bintang Walk

Was invited for a seminar at JW Marriot Bkt Bintang yesterday. I am impressed that KL could actually have such fine 5 stars hotel after all. Elaborate, luxurious yet warmth decorations really enhance all senses. In my opinion, other hotels like Concord nor Mutiara shouldn't claim themselves a 5 stars when compare with Marriot. Have you seen how old some of these 5 stars hotels are?

One of the worst luxury hotel I have been to is the Carcosa Seri Negara. The toilet once famed for its gold plated faucet, is rather filthy the last time I visited it. The carpet has that moldy smell when I walk on it.

Best Mooncake 2004

Mooncake festival is here again. I bought two mooncakes from JW Marriot Gourmet yesterday, namely the double yokes white lotus and Plain red bean. Yum yum, I definately would say that is by far the tastiest mooncake I tasted this year. What make the white lotus stand out is that, it is moist yet not too sweet to my tasting.

Double Yoke White Lotus - RM12.00
Plain White Lotus - RM11.00
Single Yoke Red Bean - RM11.00
Plain Red Bean - RM10.00

Whoah, mahal ye~

Monday, September 20, 2004

MATTA Fair - Help! I am just a normal Tiger.

I went to the Matta fair in PWTC on 19th September. To my shocking, I found that A formosa resort actually brought their tiger cub and an orang utan at such place so crowded with people. They were such restless and scared with stares from the publics, while the trainer seemed more than please that he was able to show his ability to control these poor animals.

What makes it legal for the businessmen to owns a tiger, an orang utan. Then why is it not legal for a home to owns it then? Does it mean that a proper trained veteranian have enough experience to take care these endangered animals better than normal people? Certainly it is totally unsuitable for them to parade the animals at such crowded place because the chances of contacting diseases for them is high. Surplus, it is unnatural for the animals to be put for such use.

Since our government are not capable of keep tracking of such wild life abuse, comprehensively, it is not a surprise then to see the amount endangered animals being sold in well-known pet shop around the country.

Wild life protection can be done from the even most basic level, such as from teaching young children to respects mother nature by educating their parents and teachers at school. It can also be done by advertising through regular television propaganda, just like how it was done for the anti-smoking advert now.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hungry Ghost Festival at SEA Park - Who is more hungry?

Have you been to a Hungry Ghost Festival before? If yes, then have you been to their follow up dinner before then?

Most of the merchants will do their yearly grand prayer in a temporary built up place, whereby people started donating rice lah, oil lah, paper offering lah to please the unrest ones. Apparently shortly after the prayer they will follow up with charity dinner, usually few days later.

So, my mom's line dancing friend invited us for one of these dinners, yesterday in SEA Park (somewhere near SS2). Her husband, being one of the loyal member to the SEA Park merchant Assoc. has bought 2 tables for the nite. Since many friends couldn't come, the friend decided to invite her neighbour, Doris too...

As usual, some terrible singer was singing chinese oldies when we first arrived. The people at the table next to us were busy playing poker cards, while the table next to it were puffing cigarettes away.

Not long after that, the dinner begun. While gulping hungrily, the district MP went up stage to talk, then blah blah until auctioning time.

This is interesting, the association has order about 5 decorative items that were gold plated: Two fishes around a jade plate, a golden abacus, rice containers ?!, Jars of black gold (apparently a Teochew favourite). Then slowly, very very draggy, they will auction each item out, starting with a price of RM388. The people at the dinner, will then start to bid on each item with the price they think fit for the item. Money obtain from this auction was to be donated to one of the heamodylisis center.

And guess what, it become like a show off time. Some guys will try to come out with price as much as RM20,200 for one of the items, while the others will out bid offering even higher price. Meanwhile, there were pushy members that try to get the quiet member to bid, by putting the microphone in front of them. The whole thing just got so crazy. According to my mom's friend, her husband actually got pushed to bid for that same rice container last year at the price of RM18,888. My aunt was so mad so mad with the husband, until he also not dare to bring the prize home. Till now, that container was still left at the association office. LoL...

Oh, about Doris. We were happily eating first few dishes to our satisfaction. But gradually we become full and ate less and less. Swiftly Doris took out the plastic bags she bought from home, obviously a veteran in charity dinner she is, she scoped the braised pork knuckles into the plastic bags even though it was still burning hot. My aunt was a bit ticked since Doris never ask for permission!

Next, there come the prawns with oatmeal (YUM!). We just started to feast of them, but she already start putting a few into the plastic bag (mind u, different bag). And my aunt felt unfair, she brought over the bowl, more of less like fighting to put all the the remining prawns for herself. This just carry on for the other dishes (vegetarian dish, fried rice)...

It was a very unusual night out to me, nonetheless, especially getting to see people from different walk of life such as the above. Heh

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Malaysian Chinese

Today, in Malaysia, there is no longer just the Chinese. Along the way, the Chinese people divided beyond dialects and religious faith. We now have denomination within the Chinese. The major three groups are Regular, Cina, and Ah Beng.

The Regular group is the minority, making up less than 20% of the Chinese people. This group has the following characteristics:

  1. Speaks English as the first language.
  2. Thinks the world owes them a living.
  3. Uses the Internet more than the other two groups combined.
  4. Loves the iPod and/or IKEA.
  5. Watches one or more of the following TV series: "Sex And The City", "Friends", or "CSI."
  6. Thinks that the Regular group is way larger than it is and makes fun of the other groups, particularly the Ah Beng group. Why? Because it's fun.

Recent studies have also shown that there is a growing splinter group within the Regular group known as the CPWTTANC group. (CPWTTANC is short for Chinese People Who Think They Are Not Chinese.) This growing subgroup are considered elitist by some and are found making statements like "I wish I were in the U.S." or "This never happened when I was studying in Australia." They also tend to speak with an unidentifiable accent. The women may also prefer to date white men from foreign countries with the excuse that local men just "don't understand me" and have the secret desire to be taken away to the U.S. to live in a sitcom.

The second Chinese group, Cina make up approximately 55% of the Chinese community. (Cina is derived from the Malay word Cina which means Chinese and is pronounced "chee-na". And you will have to say it in a condescending tone for effect.) This group is considered mainstream and contribute to the numbers that reflect development in the country. They are the masses in context of the Chinese community. In other words, if you want to sell something to the masses of Chinese people, the Cina is it.

The Cina are identified by the following traits:

  1. Speaks Mandarin or Cantonese as the first language.
  2. Generally quiet, self-effacing, and obliging but are actually shrewd and calculative.
  3. Sees Taiwan as the place to be.
  4. More likely to forward chain email to people in their address book.
  5. Goes to Halo Caf� or Wow Wow Caf� BY CHOICE at least three times a year.
  6. Has Astro hardwired to Wah Lai Toi.
  7. Calls a music video an MTV instead of music video.
  8. Knows all the dim sum dishes by name.
  9. Seventy percent of lighting at home generated by flourescent lights.

The last group are known as the Ah Bengs . This term was probably made up by the Regulars in the early 80s during the cultural invasion that saw the mass import of music and movies from countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and to some extent, Japan. This phenomenon saw the more open-minded and runaway members of the Cina group defect into Ah Bengs and its feminine equivalent, Ah Lian. They just took their Alan Tam and Anita Mui a little too seriously.

Perhaps the most made-fun-of group not only by its own Chinese people but by people of other races, the Ah Bengs are often seen as people living on the edge and have more flamboyant tastes.

One may identify the Ah Beng by these tell-tale signs:

  1. Built-in visual self-defense mechanism that keeps people away from them.
  2. Have enough amplifiers in their one car to power speakers for six cars.
  3. Hair not in their original colour.
  4. Volume of voice is automatically five decibels higher than everyone else.
  5. Excessive use of the phrase "Kan Ni Na Bu Ciao Chee Bai". (Although, to be fair, some members of the Regular group have been reported to use the phrase on a daily basis as well.)
  6. Once a fan of one of the following groups: Vengaboys, Dr Bombay, Aqua, or the Cheeky Girls.
  7. Their Proton car does not look like a Proton car due to modifications.
  8. For the Ah Lians, have at least one bag fashioned after a furry animal complete with the head.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Kepong Bridge is falling down

Kepong Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, falling down.
Kepong Bridge is falling down,
My fair Samy.

Take a gag and shut us up,
Shut us up, shut us up.
Take a gag and shut us up,
My fair Samy.

How will we build it up,
Build it up, build it up?
How will we build it up again,
My fair Samy?

Build it up with tax and toll,
Tax and toll, tax and toll.
Build it up with tax and toll,
My fair Samy.

Roads and bridges bend and break,
Bend and break, bend and break.
Roads and bridges bend and break,
My fair Samy.

Blame it on an Act of God,
Act of God, Act of God.
Blame it on an Act of God,
My fair Samy.

Rocks and blames will wash away,
Wash away, wash away.
Rocks and blames will wash away,
My fair Samy.

Parody sing along to "London Bridge Is Falling Down"

Monday, July 12, 2004

Bye Bye My Little Brother

Though he might be still little to me, but today he has finally spread his wings flying down under for he 2nd years study. *Sniff* But I suppose it is a good after all, you know starting to learn to be independant.

Anyhow, everytime when I see someone leaves, I just sudden feel that extra loneliness swarming over me. How to get that feeling away? I suppose only time can make things right. :-(

My mom was sobbing so hard. I guess I would rather her not cry, a mom's tear always hold the child back and they will never able to stand on their own. I suppose an open heart with well wishes will let our children expand themselves to the new world better.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Two Movies in a Row -- Alone

Anyone watch two movies in a row before? I just did that again today! I went to watch Around The World in 80 Days as well as Harry Porter. In fact, at one time, I actually went to watch 3 movies within a day's time. How to I describe that day, oh~ the day just pass like a breeze...

How about doing it alone? Anyone actually watch movie alone like me? How about watch a series of movies in a row alone as well? I rather enjoy watching movies alone. Perhaps at one point or another I just like watching movie without someone repeating the script to me again, not to mention having to wait for this person and that person to watch it together.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Yahoo Mail 100MB Space Storage

Anyone noticed anything strange with their Yahoo Mail account today?? I was actually thinking Yahoo is playing a prank on the user when my account showed a space of 100MB!! Now can transfer an attachment up to the size of 10mb at one go. Pretty cool isn't it?

MUST - Malaysia University of Science and Technology

They say they are in collaboration with MIT in Boston, US.

It still doesn't sound very convincing to pay RM60K for a MSc. course that is only 18 months. First of all, the science course only offer so little research work and the subjects are such generalize!

I took a look at the lab and found it quite empty. In fact, I think I can ride a bicycle short distant in side. (Hey, that's what my colleague did in the office when every else was away on the company trip).

Not to brag, I do think I know a lot more about the current Biotech industry more than these bunch of people that just come back from all around the world.

Anyway, you can check this out yourself to see if it is your cup of tea.


Monday, June 14, 2004

A Lifetime Decision

Since no one comes to here, I thought I might write something rather personal today...

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you've got to make the decision that might affect the rest of your life. Ok, ok, maybe not the rest, but at least for the next few years. Perhaps by then you might still have a chance to mend things up if it turn out sour. Perhaps too by then the emotional state will change forever, and so does your perception about life.

For the first time, I have found use for ex bf. :o)

We had a rather long chat tonite. Up till now, I have been troubled by a certain matters, and tonite he has been able to give me the suggestions that really touch my heart. He thinks I should move out and stay with Mark when Mark returns in July.

When I asked him what do I do then as Mark return to UK a year later,
He said "Go with him. Work there while he study and when he graduate he will appreciate what you've done for him throughout the years."

I asked, what if he didn't turn out to be someone I expected?
He said, you must have faith then. Things don't last forever, it just comes and goes. He doesn't look successful now, but he shall be one as the right opportunity strikes.

When I ask, what if we start to fight there?
He said, then don't fight. Accept each other the way they are.

I asked again, what if the life there is hard?
He said, you are young and you shall be able to thrive through these hardships. Comfort life here is not good in bringing out the best of you.

And then I felt so touched in my heart, like god has spoke through his mouth. Tears then filled my eyes.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Current Wishlist: Trip to Bandung Indonesia

Was talking to a customer over cup of tea at KL General Hospital. Apparently she just came back from a trip to Bandung having so much of fun there. And the weather seems just very cooling at 15C. Plantations of tea are everywhere, while buildings were highly influenced by the Dutch during previous colonial era. Not forgetting that it is not so expensive to travel there since Air Asia started to offer cheap flights to there. (~RM250) for the ticket!

Friday, June 11, 2004

Meow Meow ; Help Help

Was at UPM Veterinary Hospital (Located at the Veterinary Medicine Faculty). There was this old indian aunty pleading the staffs there to take her cats, all 6 or 7 of them! Of course, you would've guess as well that these cats were not welcomed at all. The in charge doctor suggested the auntie bring her cats to PAWS instead. She was reluctant to bring them to PAWS, so she and her son goes loading the cage with all the cats into the van. The cats went "meow! meow! meow!". Her son was amused and say "yeah yeah, Help! Help! Help!"

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Hello~ does anyone still comes here to read everynow and then? Just thought I would test this out after my blog being idle for sometime.

Anyway, nothing much happened since the last time I blog here. Maybe a lil, e.g. I met my new guy named Mark. Oooo... he is gorgeous. Then I changed a new job, put on few kgs. Yet, I am still me, the same old cheerful Dana. :-)