Thursday, November 18, 2004

Guilty neh~

Since small, I might be mischevious, but I think so far I have not done anything that hurts anyone though. I might steal some coins here and there, lied that there was test or exams, but I really am a kind hearted soul deep within. Hey, it is true, who on earth would bring two kittens that were coated in grease home to clean and feed them? And who on earth would actually feel guilty when not donating to the charity guy that come disturbing me while I am having lunch in a kopitiam?

But reality bites, the more you act nice, the more life wants from you. My grandma thinks I ain't caring her enough anymore since I ain't visiting her often (I think). Even my parents now say they feel hurt deep inside, just because I want to move out and have a life on my own. And guess what, now I actually feel guilty over this fact. I have actually no idea why I would feel guilty when living away from home is actually something to celebrate about.

Doesn't the wise one says true love is unconditional and does not seek reciprocal action? But as I've grown up, I realise that our parental love to us are conditional. If we do not conform to the norm of the society to always take care our age old parent, then we are deemed the rebels.

This is not good. The children will never be able to fully outgrown their own abilities.

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