Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sex Education

How did you first found out the way human beings replicate themselves? Were you first told by your parents that you were being delivered by the stork? Or did your aunt laughed while telling you, that you came to this world when that big rock that hold you blasted apart as lighting striked it?

Whatever myth and tale these people are trying to convey, I definately think that it is a bad bad start for sex education. That is because when he grow older, he will eventually have more question than ever, especially when he watches the movies/television program these days. The more the parents hide it, the more the child become curious. What more that the child might get the wrong information from start? This probably explain why I heard a child would think that baby will comes if a boy and a girl kissed.

I still remembers that my mom would actually still tear away the sex Q&A column from the newspaper that we subscribe to, when I was in my first year at the university. Till now, I could still laugh a little remember my puzzled self trying to figure out why the newspaper was torn from time to time. Apart from laughing, there are somewhat a sense of regret that my parent wouldn't teach me the correct approach when comes to communicate on the topic of sex.

I mean, this is not only happening in my own family. In fact, majority of the Malaysian society are behaving this way, when our dear Prime Minister is trying hard to advance us to the new millenium. A new airport, tall buildings, ultra modern infrastructure, but what use of these advancement when people still detest if a program on the television show two person just touching lips! Like what I say to my colleague during lunch just now, we look too far ahead in planning, till we neglected to plan on things just right in front of our eyes.

Take a look at my current neighbour now, he actually told us off not to hang my underwear facing his god's altar. Typical chinese that thinks anything we place near our vagina is dirty enough to cause bad luck for his lifetime (perhaps even the next life too. Duh!. Sometimes I have half the nerve to tell him that, though the vagina is dirty and bad luck (to him), but ironically, that is where he first came into this world. Was he the bad omen then, to his parent?

My colleague, on the other hand were very lucky that her parent were not that conservative. At that moment when she behaving curiously about sex, her mom actually took the initiative to sit down with her and watch porn with her! She taught her the anatomy of human beings, and stuffs like safe sex etc... that really makes me respect her mother.

Sex is not dirty, it has been defamed by the society that advance in material, but not mentally.

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