Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Computer Blues

My IBM G40 actually looks like a real dinasaur in this tech savy lifetime where most gears come in sleek and slim design. I should already suspect that it won't last that long when I first got it from the dealer. What to do, when I have sucha stingy director, so much so he allows only RM4000 budget allocation. :-(

I had to do a big presentation using it with our new sharp LCD projector on last week. Just when I needed it most, it decided to take a break! The port connecting to the external monitor was found faulty. No matter what Io, how much I try to tweak here and there the projector just would not show anything.

Just got to send it back to the IBM factory, since not even our dealer knows what is wrong with it. I will keep my fingers cross that I might get a new one in exchange to this dinasaur!!!

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