Saturday, December 18, 2004

Foods-Craving Thought

I am sitting here now after a full feast with Chinese Roast Duck accompanied with sourish chilli sauce, and sweet dark soy sauce. Burp~! I can tell you that is good, but not the best one though.

So, here I thought, what are my cravings if I ended up someone far in oversea, say: Florida Keys, or Africa... Here's a list I managed to think off for now, and eventually add more items to it later. Oops, if you are in oversea away from Malaysia now, too bad lah. But I can offer to eat for you on your behalf the next time I see them. Kih kih...

1. Thosei - The sourish rice pancake
2. Roti Pisang - Banana pancake ala M'sia style
3. Chicken Rice Ball - Definately from the restaurants in Malacca
4. Claypot Chicken Rice - Oh, I can smell that slight burned rice faintly now.
5. Sago Shaved Ice dessert - Either Mango, Yam or Honeydew flavor please
6. Chinese Dumplings
7. Steamed Tilapia with Sour Spicy Thick Sauce - The restaurant in Peel Road know how to do it the best way.
8. La-La (Clam Mussle) steamed in superior chinese wine
9. Butter Prawn
10. Otak-otak
11. Bah Kut Teh - Pork Ribs herb based soup
12. Fruits like: Guava, Nangka, Rambutan, Sour Soup, Durian, etc...
13. Hakka traditional cuisine - Lui Char Fan, Rice served with tea leave based soup

Add yours!

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