Thursday, October 07, 2004

Psychology Test

There is this test I read on a magazine very long ago that I can't forget.

I assume most of you know who is doraemon. He is a robotic cat from the future, send back to aid this poor soul called Nobita, by Nobita's decendant from the future. Doraemon is deemed to be the super robot that have all kinds of gadgets in this infinity pounch at his tummy. All these gadgets comes in handy when Nobita lands into trouble, e.g. never finish homework in time, being left out intentional by friends when going outings.

So, assuming you are Nobita, and one day you found that you can have Doraemon to help you anymore. You are given a chance to give doraemon to someone else, who would you most likely to hand away Doraemon?

Think. Issit the orphans? Your Parents? A long lost good friend? Someone u met on the street perhaps?

The psychology behind is rather interesting. The person that you will give away doraemon to, signifying that he/she is the one you deemed most vulnerable, perhaps even inferior in your eyes. Take doraemon as something very precious to you, if you would give away it to someone else, that person in your eyes must be incapable of owning the same thing.

Make sense?

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