Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Reason to get married

While waiting for a friend to go to the bank after lunch, I popped a questiong to my ex-colleague, Grace " Why do people want to get married? Especially seeing the amount of preparations, and heartache, disagreement that two person must go through before finally getting together."

She think think, and replied:

Well, when two person date each other long enough, they became bored and there is nothing else to talk about. So, they get marry and go through all the preparations such as buying house together, marriage registration, etc. This is so as they have common topics to chat on and the relationship can be carried on.

After they get married, the relationship cool down little by little. This time, the couple will think about having children. Children will keep their time fully occupied, and let this couple have more things to talk about. Because of the children, they might decide to take a day out to the zoo, even though dating no longer excites them.

So I carefully lingered on the answer she said, and thought:

What happens then when children eventually grown up and leave?

In my opinion, the couple would go through marriage because splitting obviously is not desired after investing so much time and emotion on this relationship. Unless something unexpected came up, such as discovering he or she has changed, he or she wanting something else in life other than marriage.

Along the way, they have children, they change jobs, maybe their parents/friends pass away, move away. But throughout this life, they discover it is not such a bad idea having a partner supporting each other all along. Even though they do fight and tried to conquer each other, and when they grow old, become weary and wrinkled all over, but who cares, it is this ugly, or once arrogant partner that walk this lifepath together with you all this while.

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