Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Darlie ToothPaste

Have you ever notice there are actually a lot of Malaysians using Darlie (toothpaste) everyday? No matter how much advertisement colgate or fresh & white try to air on the television, a Darlie person will never seemed to give a second thought in switching over.

I am one of them too. Tried using Darkie (old name of Darlie) at one time in cousin's place and got addicted to the distinctive taste even till now. It is not me alone that have such addiction, I realize it is the same with my sister lah, my friend lah, colleague?

Darlie can make ease people who are home sick to a minimum level too. I have seen one Malaysian student would spend AUD$7 for one toothpaste from the Asian grocery shop. I have also seen my brother and my ex-housemate carrying a few tubes when the go to Australia.

Read more about Darlie history here, err... Darkie maybe:

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Sal Casley said...

There are products which are very widely used even though they aren't as famous as branded products flashed on TV. Judging by your description alone, it sounds like Darlie is the national toothpaste. Has it been compared to brands like Colgate in terms of effectiveness?