Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jia Feng Night Market, Taichung - 台中甲逢夜市

Night markets are everywhere... and we've been to a few which I eventually forgot which is which anymore...

But all of us find this night market by far the most interesting compare to the others. It is next to Jia Feng University, so not surprise to see many young people frequent around here. Either with their love ones, or with their pets on hand, they stroll from stalls to stalls trying new things.

Taiwan (162)

Am I glad that we all pressured that lazy guide to stay here for longer! He just kept mentioning that our bus driver is very tire after a long drive, but we didn't bulge. Too bad the guide fed us with a shabu shabu earlier on that taste aint bad either.

Taiwan (174)

Taiwan (166)

Taiwan (164)

But I guess I would really like to eat local food stuffs here if I have a choice

New things... that is very important at here to create that kind of stirs among customers. If you see any stalls with a long que, you can be rest assured that this is something you don't want to miss.

Just like this one, The Little Mustache Guy soft shell prawn... from a far we see the que was getting uncontrollable.

Taiwan (178)

This guy picks up the prawn from the fresh water tank, and put them on to stick just like satay, and grill them alive! (Rather cruel). When done, he will coat them with the type of flavoring the customer choose, be it lemon tangy, wasabi hot, thai style.

Taiwan (180)

Taiwan (181)

Quite interesting, but I like my prawn to be unshelled the next time please. I find it rather primitive to eat the prawn with shell altogether.

Other interesting stuffs including this Milk Guava.

Taiwan (179)

Price at RM5 a packet, I kinda thing it is too expensive! But later on the guide explained that these guava is consistently being watered with expired milk they gathered from the factory. Thus the texture of the guava is actually rich and milky tasting, which explains by the high price for it. Still we decided not to try at the end, not sure why.

Other stalls including this Big Sausage wrapped with Small Sausage, can wrapped with different fillings too, e.g. veg, peanuts, etc

Taiwan (168)

Taiwan (169)

Smoke Meat, something like braised meat of various part then smoked with tea leaves.

Taiwan (170)

Dessert stall, selling the famous Ai Yu Jelly, lemonade, glutinous rice balls

Taiwan (171)

And my mom decided to try this, Rice cake with congealed pork blood (sound disgusting?)

Taiwan (173)

Usually in Malaysia as well as most South East Asia countries, congealed pork blood are mainly eaten as a main dish itself. Sometimes with rice congee, while other time cook in stewed vegetables.

Taiwan (172)

But here in Taiwan, they mix the pork blood with glutinous rice resulting a greyish solid texture. Then they roll the cut piece with ground peanuts. It taste somewhat salty, oily and with a strong peanut aroma. The texture is chewy and not any disgusting than a normal glutinous rice ball. Should try!

Since that advertising by sticking bills is not allowed in most Taiwanese cities, youngster like this are employed to hold advertisement post like this.

Taiwan (182)

Students here are very enterprising as well, as many start their own small little stalls selling small stuffs, food snacks. Many also take on to open stalls in a chain concept selling various stuffs, and food too.

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