Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lama Temple & Confucius Temple

They are not next to each other, but they are near to each other (about 10 min walk apart). Althought they are near to each other, they are not neccesary mean they look similar.

YongHeGong or the Lama Temple, look so much better in shape. It is very nicely renovated, and look few times better than the Forbidden City that is in such sorry state. Furniture and statues inside there remained the same after many hundred years.

This temple was formerly Emperor Yong Zheng residence when he was still the crown prince.

China (271)
China (269)
Entrance to Yong He Gong

China (270)
This building has a very large wooden standing buddha within

Confucius Temple, on the other hand, look worst than Forbidden city. Everything there seemed so run down, broken. In my opinion, people in China these days must not be taking Confucius's teaching seriously anymore, that is why they neglected his temple so much. Hahahaha...

China (273)
The bad shape Confucius temple

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