Friday, August 26, 2005

Shopping Trips

What annoys me the most in all these group tours to China are the shopping trips. And these shopping trips are divided into factory shopping (so called factory) and general shopping at goods distribution centers. The guide will also bring you to cultural centers, which most of the times sell all the not so good quality arts and crafts.

China (112)
Buses congregating to send their load for slaughter

On the third day of the trip itself, we went to two shoppings alone! It was only scheduled for one, but during lunch time, they purposely chose this restaurant that was attached to the jade factory.

But to my surprise, my colleagues actually do not mind that, because at all these places, they actually bought quite a bit. Especially at the silk blanket factory, they bought so much even though I think the price was much higher.

China (228)

China (141)
No No, No More Shopping For Me

All these shops the guide brought us to, self proclaim that they are government runned. But in my opinion, that will only mean that you have just got to pay more for the genuine stuff. Sigh~ Mark and I most of the time would just hide at one corner waiting for everyone else buying there. It is kinda like wasted good times outside there.

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