Sunday, October 23, 2005

Koizumi and His Shrine

You know, I went to Japan for a 5 weeks visit as a Youth Exchance student in 1998. Until now, I am still marvelled over such advance technology that the Japanese has. With that short period of visit, I find myself to be very lucky because I have very close ties with my Japanese host families even till now. I find them totally different from what I've thought of a Japanese. I can't seemed to related those terrible ones that once stomped on all chinese during world war 2.

But for know, it really ticked me to see Japan Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi continuosly paying homage to the WWII so called "Hero" at the shrine, again and again.

Did you know, the terrible Japanese emperor behind the WWII was never brought to court despite what he has done to millions of chinese throughout Asia region? US has decided to give him cover, because of the advantageous they could get, that they hope to protect upon. They had given him sanction base on the reason that it is better this way, so that Japan was easier to be controlled.

Did you also know, the Japanese had many times used innocent people in remote china for their sickening Lab Rat test? For biological and chemical warfare testing that cost a whole village vanish just over night? Then they quickly buried the bodies simply by blasting some rocks from the cliffs onto them?

Did you also know, there were many of my relatives that I eventually found out, were victims of this crazy manslaughter for no reason? They were called on one night to the riverside, and then in darkness being shoot down by machine guns for no reason at all!!!

The are just few of the examples, there were so many more bitter stories than any of the chinese that been through WWII can tell you. This is definately a bitter and shameful past that the chinese sufferred quietly all the while, especially Mainland China.

Call us youngster for not giving a shit to the old past, but for me as I grew older I do find what happened during WWII kinda hard to swallow. In fact, I actually feel guilty to be once idolizing the Japanese culture that much.

Perhaps I shall start my own very personal boycott against the Japanese product for sometime. And guess what, my dad has decided he too is doing his bit to boycott the Japanese by not buying the Toyota Camry he originally wanted.

Are you doing you bit too?

The Star 18th October 2005
Koizumi visits war shrine, China and South Korea protest

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