Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yarra Valley and Vineyards

The weather was extremely pleasant today. After our short drive from Belgrave, we arrive the famous Yarra Ranges, where all the Yarra Valley cool climate great wines are from.

We have no idea where the good wineries are, therefore we decided to just drive around. We first arrived at this place called Lilydale Estate, bought a Pinot Noir that is not produced by them. So, it was just so so...

Stopped by at a Lavender Farm

Arriving at Healesville Sanctuary, we found that entrace fee was like AUD$21.00 per person, so we decided to go and see the Koalas nor the Kangaroos since they were suppose to be in the wild at the first place.

We start driving off, then arriving at the Long Gully Estate. Thes estate is situated at such a beautiful place. The vineyard is accompanied by the majestic Yarra Ranges behind it. There were few horse grazing opposite the roads, while the sky were so so blue high above. This is like heaven undiscovered to me.

I wandered into the small factory shed to look for someone in charge, and found myself surrounded by wonderful smell of wine. And then, someone shouted for me from the other end.

At Long Gully Winery Estate

There came this young man, he brought us into his little shop. My mom and dad got themselves half drunk with all the good wines there, while brother went off to take come great pictures with his Olympus Camedia C-770.

I then start admiring the amount of prizes, certificates this winery won. So so many of them!!!

My dad decided to buy one of the Carbenet (AUD$15) and Vintage Chardonnay (3 for AUD$21). As I am typing this, I am having the Chardonnay, and I can tell you it is a very good white wine. No spicyness as it is a matured body one. *HIC*


I once use to think that, even when I move to stay in Melbourne, I will still stick staying at where most of the Chinese are But now, this few days has changed my mind. After these few years of working, with new experiences, I find myself actually feeling very comfortable talking, being around the westerners. I enjoyed their wicked sense of humour, their friendliness. Sometime they are rude, but that is just because they speak their mind out, rather than talking bad behind one's back.

It is a whole new experience for me, in Melbourne this time.

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