Tuesday, August 07, 2007

At Esplanade Singapore


Came here earlier on two weeks ago, brought some customers together as we attended the conference in Singapore here.

Been here so many times, but have never thought of taking a night scence around here. Come to think of it, Singapore night skyline is actually not bad when comparing to places like Hong Kong, erm, Beijing, Bangkok, Sydney, Melbourne. But I guess the Singaporean have no choice but make space for such scenic skyline with tall buildings at such small area of land.


On the other side of the cove, the Merlion sit quietly doing its work by being the fountain. It seems that it had a shower + good scrub not so long ago, as the algae at the spout began to stain its nice white paint. Wonder if it enjoys being clean all over again... heh...

So, here comes the tricky question for the day: Where is the other large Merlion statue sitting at? (Clue: Somewhere in Singapore)

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