Monday, August 27, 2007

A Weekend Getaway at Pasir Belanda

Perhaps the other sweet surprise we stumbled upon is this nice village lodging in the mid of a Malay Village.


We arrived rather late that night, and was getting a little anxious when we drove through the dark small bumpy roads into the deep village setting. Surprisingly when we were greeted by few sturdy looking wooden house with warm garden lights in the background.


The place is run by a Dutch couples - Harry Mulder mostly run the show. They bought over the place some years ago and built a paradise out of it, inviting people like me that've never stayed in Malay Kampung (Village) to have glimpse of Kampung life there.


The room is very clean and well maintained. The air-cond is very cold too in the mid of night. There's good basic bread an egg breakfast served in the morning, right next to a picturesque river.



We get a lot of extras bundled with our stay here. Apart from curious kids wandering around, and endless motorcyclist riding without helmets, there were goats, chicken, cows, ducks fighting for their right of way in the narrow roads here too. If you look keen enough, there is this house nearby that let their horses roam free around in the middle of the night!




Bugs are all over as well...


Found this curious 6 legged spider been hanging around in toilet for the past two days...


Mostly it is very quiet here, and breeze around seemed cooler than in city. There is a small scale duck farm just right across the road, and you get a lot of quacks all throughout the day. Quite often the smells get across too, resulting a need to stop breathing on a off.

But you know... that is what village life all about right, getting right down to the basic.

Harry is a very helpful and friendly person. We managed to get this map to ride around the kampung area, checking out a WW2 bunk hidden deep in there, and then right across a lagoon filled with colorful fishing boats. You should ask that from him too if you are ever visiting him.




More info of Pasir Belanda is as listed below:

Pasir Belanda

Pasir Belanda Resort & Travel Sdn Bhd
Kampung Bonggol, PCB Road,
15350 Kota Bharu,
Kelantan, Malaysia
Tel : +6 09 747 7046
Email :

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