Saturday, August 11, 2007

Counting down to Merdeka - Patriotism ?

In reality, these days I am not too sure anymore if I am THE kind of patriotic person in regular politicians' view. While most of the time I thought a lot about racism stuffs, and why things happens this and that, corruptions, low class building structures, etc. On the other hand, I do consider myself loving this country in my way. I pay my income tax on time (through internet summore), I hardly runs into getting a traffic summonce, I never litter wherever I go to and I look down on those that do it.

When there are new tourist attractions came up by our dear government (that I find squandering poor tax payers' $$ half the time), I usually try to be the first one to find out if people from our country could actually develop something that we can feel proud and fond of for a long period of time. Take our Putrajaya for example, I was there, when most of people still were wondering how to get there. And also last year's Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Fair (MAHA), was already there on Day-2, fighting a parking spot with Chui Li. Earlier this year, I proof my undying curiousity by popping at the highly isolated Felda's hotspring in Sg. Klah.

Thus, I don't just say I am patriotic for nothing really...

As compare to people like this:


... I really not sure how patriotism measures up by sticking flags covering allover the car. Surplus, the owner was trying to show off by illegal parking at the busy junction in the middle of Brickfields.

But once I think a little deeper... that is actually very little point in talking about patriotism here because when we try to love our country more, in reality our country doesn't love us the same amount in return. For that, I won't really narrate any further as the topic has turn rather old, I felt these days (good example: May 13th ghost story, kih kih kih).

Then again the expert say: TRUE LOVE DOESN'T ASK FOR RETURN MARRR~

So I guess there you Malaysians go : Happy 50th Independence Day, Malaysia

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