Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things to do here in Kota Bharu

Most people just came here, so they can head straight to Kuala Besut then to Perhentian Islands. In fact I think, the foreigner actually appreciate what Kelantan has to offer more than Malaysians.

A lot of them came stay few days, get ushered to eat with Malay family, learn stuffs like : Kite making factory, keropok making factory, batik factory, serunding factory. Mostly of cottage industry. But who cares, it is their frequent visit that makes small medium industry thrive, erm... somewhat I guess.



For us, it is mainly eating, sleeping, erm... roaming around the Malay village checking out local cultures. Sunset is usually not our thing, but there's seaside and river front everywhere here, so we hang around for sunset too.



Mark was very keen in looking for his WWII bunker left when the Brits fought the Japanese in 1941. Happily he took pictures with it. Heh...


Some days we hang around at the Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB Beach), finding it too hot at the sea mostly calm and without too much breeze. So, we mostly return at night to drink at the Malay food stalls at the seaside (erm, not too clean a place, too sandy)





One of those days we were there, we drove all the way to the border town -- Tumpat, only to find it is mostly quiet there. We dare not cross the border after those recent terrorist news been frequent on the newspaper.



Along the way, there's a new place name Pantai Sri Tujoh. It look like a man made sand bunk to us. This creates a rather scenic lagoon at the inside near the mainland. Many family brought their children here for a swim. Some students came around camping too, in bus loads though.



If you hang around up north, then of course you shouldn't miss the Thai temples. And usually some Thai people hangs around there, selling drinks and some authentic Thai food as well. But they usually speaks Hokkien, and a little Malay to the customer. Quite interesting.





The day we were there, it was such good weather. The sun so bright with very very blue skies. Blending with the paddy fields, river view... my my... I feel somewhat out of this world. Heh...





Our drive back was not bad as well. Along the way we were greeted with some nice coastline. Then arriving at Kerteh in Terengganu and be greeted by the Petronas Refinery. They look magnificent in the night so brightly lit up.




Perhaps we will come back here again some day. Till then, I will sleep dreaming the blue skies and the green paddy fields of Kota Bharu. Cheers!

All the photos that I've take from this trip is located at Flickr here:

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