Friday, August 31, 2007

Thoughts on 50th Independence Day - Merdeka

Today is Malaysia's 50th Independence Celebration, and as usual we get a day off.

Somehow I don't feel festive at all, as after 50 years we gained independence from the British, we who were suppose to be a big multicultural family are still fighting on with the same topics.

Some recent issues that disturbs me on a day that is worth celebrating:

  1. Lim Kit Siang has been pointing out numerous times that our country are build on a constitution that states our country is a Secular society, and not an Islamic Country. Why does our present Prime Minister, as well as the ex Primer Minister kept insisting we are Islamic country, and will be ruled as Islamic Hadhari way?
  2. It is also very upset to learn that our forefather that fight hard to built this country with constitution can be removed overnight, when some ex Chief judge has a undying wish to govern the country using Islamic laws as compare to the English common law right now.
  3. While we trust MCA and Gerakan will keep on fighting on for our best interest, it seems that lately Chua Soi Lek and Lim Keng Yeik is already fighting among themselves. Are we now to depend on DAP that has never run the country before or what?

and of course there are many more other issues, that even I forget how they irritates me until it get mentioned again and again. Perhaps we might be desensitized with such issues one of these days, instead we shall move on to concentrate how to built a nation that can withstand global challenges at times of unknown like now?

Since that it will be our national election very soon, I have been pondering the fact that does my one vote counts at all? When the fact that still no one come explain openly why there were so many extra voters in Sabah there sudden turn out to vote on the previous election. Perhaps I should vote, because I feel very sorry for that DAP girl that seemed to get bullied by the Kinabatangan moron and the Jasin fellow too.

Well oh well... no celebration for me. Not feeling celebrative at all...

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