Thursday, August 16, 2007

Melodi - 林宇中 ft Sheila Majid

Kau melodi yang indah menusuk di jiwa
Tanpamu hidup ku tak bermakna

duo me shi zai de gan jue
望著你的脸 这一刻
wang zhe ni de lian zhe yi ke
wo dao le bei ren yi wang de yong yuan

Pertemuan yang tanpa di duga

Xiang mi lu de ren zhao dao hui jia de lu xian

Engkau bak lagu dan aku bagai irama

Bersatu kita mewarnai hidup bersama

Tanpamu hilanglah nadi kita berdua

Menderita tiada haluan

窝在我心里最动听的 melodi
wo zai wo xin li zui dong ting de melodi


My thoughts:

I feel warmth in my heart when I listen to this song. Somehow this song reminds me a lot of multiracial couples out there that fight against all odd to be together. Fighting against family objection, fighting strange look from the society they were used to.

It also reminded me there was once this Chinese guy I know. He was willing to sacrifice himself for the Malay girl he wished so much to share his life with. If I am not wrong, they are happily married despite strange look from the outside world.

If you are in my shoe, and you will know finding the true love in this world is hard, what more of sharing life together with one that was born in a different culture all together. Therefore, if we are able to be in love today, then we should always be glad there is this person in our live even after many years to come.

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